Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened

Travel the world and play as the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his faithful assistant, Dr. Watson. Investigate a mysterious series of disappearances and use your wits to track down a dark group of Cthulu-worshippers. Follow the clues and solve the mystery of Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, while being fully immersed in this Adventure game. Warning: Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened contains some graphic content and mentioning of the occult.

It is an American passport for an Amos Colby. Learn about the gems bought by Ashmat and the silent partner in the jewel sale named Arneson. You can pick up the doll now or later. Enter the building through the crack in the wall. Follow the thief when you see him again. Maurizio got hold of Holmes. The Great One returns! Enter and note foul stench of death. Watson tells Gygax that that Amos is a fake and as an explanation admits to Dr. London 6th of September, At b Baker St. Use the key to open door. Turn the faucet on. The rows immediately above and below the numbers allow insertion of multiple numbers. Read Holmes' observation under report in the portfolio.

Go back outside. Holmes says they are decoys. Time to free the birds - Go to the aviary and use the key on the lock on the cage left of the female patient. Click on and take the ball. He was edgy and had a knife in hand. Check the 'Worship of Ghouls' book and the skinned head. Schwartz in documents. Click on the bale of hay hanging from the pulley and ride it across the gap. Read the personal notes of Holmes. Exit the store. Take the path left of the tower and right of the ship with the big wheel. Run around the hole to where the thief is.

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Use the iron bar on the 2 crates. During gameplay, press ESC Suspects and Clues access the main menu. The one Holmes had the struggle with at the waterfall in Reichenbach. Go forward to the 2 green doors across each other. Learn that Beddoes is usually at the pier near a ship. Examine the blackboard, the headbrace on the surgical bed, and the apparatus on the other Thw of the surgical bed. See the planks fall to the water. Follow the thief through the gates with Asian writing on them. The anvil drops and pulls the lever to open the far gate. Go to other corner of room and see 4 pipes on top of boxes. Holmes says to check Gygax' medical files to The Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital out. Take Bullseye lantern from the left crate. Pull the left lever to open the first gate. Sherloco the classroom key and open the first door on the right. The hunt is on.

Go back around to the side of the house. Watson says 'it is often necessary to use all of one's little gray cells to solve great mysteries. Holmes wants to make a copy of the message. Exit through the door. Take the ladder. Click the eye icon on the neck. Make a fake body - Go to the empty mattress. Go under the Saloon sign and cross the plank walkway over the bayou. Take a left and enter the bookstore on the left. If you haven't yet, go back to the garden aviary and use the meal tin on the water at the fountain. Read the paper-note in documents. Go forward and look close at the items on the floor between 2 crates-boxes. Look up to the lintel of the door and take a piece of cloth that got caught on a nail.

Jump to the ground and up the stairs to the balcony. Enter and try to talk to the patient. Use key on door and then enter. Look in the file cabinet. Talk to the man throwing a knife into a crate. Talk to the moonshiner. Check the spilled powder from a flask and Holmes says it is opium. Equip the key from the safe, and enter the trophy room, which is the locked door on Solitaire Halloween Story second floor. Go through the door. Look at the Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened canisters right of the nurse. Enter and note foul stench of death. He does not talk and they Fort Defense contact at the stables.

The door to the laundry is not accessible. Pick up the iron-crowbar from floor. They are clues. See the gate with bison. Climb the ramp that tilted and jump down to the ground. After all are done here at the temple, see what happened to the victim's body. Check the 'Worship of Ghouls' book and the skinned head. These are just basic description of where the chase occurred. He was tortured. Examine the chair that has been knocked over. See a body on the floor. Examine the sleeping huts behind the large tree.

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  1. Walk to the end of the pier, and examine the rope on the left side. Run around the hole to where the thief is. Examine the chair that has been knocked over.

  2. Jump to the ground and up the stairs to the balcony. They are coming! Continue to the back and pick metal rod from the flower bed left of the fountain. Take the key from the white shirt hanging in the cabinet.

  3. The thief usually waits and you can see where he goes. So the wall drawings have only part of the glyphs. Watch as he breaks the lock and warns Holmes not to get caught or they will take you down below, to the depths of Hell. Talk to the bartender about custom agent. Climb the ramp by far wall and click on the rope hanging on a pulley.

  4. Use the truss on the trolley and it will automatically be stretched out on the floor to the inside of the gates. Recheck it in documents. Exit through the door right of the fireplace. Take the file with an unlabelled?

  5. Talk about the foreigners and where they meet. Tracks and blood - Look down on the ground before the steps or porch. Pick up the key on the ground to the left of the door.

  6. Check the pitcher of water on the other bench and Holmes will say the water contains opiates. An original confrontation between the universe of Sherlock Holmes and the myth of Cthulhu - a fight between the rational and the supernatural. Use the knife on the floor and pick up the ruby. Use the key on door.

  7. Go pass the first left aisle and go forward. As Holmes, look out the window to see a newspaper boy. Click on these torches to open the secret passage: — Torch just left of the door to Dr. Walk into the upstairs hallway for a short cutscene.

  8. Pick up the key on the ground to the left of the door. Check the relation of the inner numbers to its corresponding outer numbers. Look-click on either stele by the wall.

  9. Read the name above the door on the left and see that it is Fraulein Muller's room. At the bottom of the screen is an icon that shows the position of the character, whether standing or crouched down. Go to the workbench close to the door.

  10. Look close at the altar and take the silver Pelican medallion. Use knife on the rope that is hanging vertically. Go up the stairs to the left. Click to climb the ladder. Learn about Champagne, a Cajun that knows what goes on around here.

  11. Now they are supported by the trolley. Exit through the door right of the fireplace. Follow the hallway, ignoring the closed doors.

  12. It will be blocked at the first basement and have to go down to pick it up. Midway see footsteps. Check the table with ashtray to note a man likes cigars. Look up and see a destroyed screen above the door.

  13. Turn around and walk toward Sergeant Rufles. Customs passes the crates-boxes with medical label and does not look closely on the contents. Pick up the hammer.

  14. Go forward and right to climb the stairs. Click the top of the ladder on the other side to climb up. Jump to the ground and up the stairs to the balcony. An original confrontation between the universe of Sherlock Holmes and the myth of Cthulhu - a fight between the rational and the supernatural.

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