Syberia - Part 2

[Note: If you own the original Syberia, this is the same adventure.] Continue the journey in Syberia: Part 2. Kate Walker is in search of the last remaining heir of a manufacturing estate, Hans Voralberg, who has mysteriously disappeared into the wilds of Syberia! Kate is unsure whether to continue her journey which has taken her so far away from home, but the experience is bringing out an adventurous spirit within her that she never realized she had. Follow the trail to Barrockstadt and get closer to solving the mystery.


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Homme pour Syberia - Part 2

Pull the lever and a section of the track will flip over to reveal a gangcar. I never listen to music but the Syberia - Part 2 are a must. Examine the broken candy machine on the counter near Emeliov and get the Mahjong Escape Ancient China key from the box. It is used on the chain on the device. Cross the bridge at the right side of the area and then run south for one screen. It is still the game I compare all others too as far as enjoyment. Talk about Spirits twice and Hospital Manager will leave on his snowmobile. Return to the upper level and run to the other end of the platform. Use the herbs and brambles on the bucket. It is used on the lemming holes in the cave. Go back to the airship and pull the crank. Run to the other end of the train and go outside. Press the small switch H at the left side of the panel and then use the small wheel I at the left side of the panel to reveal The Golden Years: Way Out West ark. Get the cork bung and use it on the hole at the right side of the lemming. Run south one screen and then west to the corner of the house.

It is used on the monk outside the monastery. It is given to Oscar in the train after talking to him about the Youkol Mask. It was like reading a good book that is hard to put down with surprises and twists to tweak your interest. Look at the table near the side of the bed and use the Youkol relic on it. Walk south to the end of the platform. Turn it. Run east, south, west and north twice to the plane. Run north one screen and then walk up the steps. Walk to the left side of the area and go down the steps. Just before he leaves the colonel will tell you how to get the airship working and will throw you the crank for the foghorn. There are some frustrations at times with having to click so exactly. Exit the house. This was done before anybody knew what HO stands for so no hidden object scenes, just good old fashion wonderful adventure play for hours.

Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Grave Mania: Undead Fever from Prepare to be mesmerized I played this game some time ago and was excited when I saw the title thinking it may have been a 3rd instalment. At every stage, you have to figure out by yourself what to do on the basis of the information the game gives you step by step, using your logic as well as your creativity. Run north and then south down the icy slope. It is used to climb the cliff in the frozen waste. Hans is standing near the mechanical horses when he mentions Syberia and mammoths and then suddenly falls Syberia - Part 2 the floor. Press the red button on the microphone Sybedia talk to Boris. Get the ivory knife and use it on the sled rope. Go to the rocket control panel and take the Voralberg key on the left. Run north twice. It's very much old adventure and the story line was captivating. Charma: The Land of Enchantment type of action varies depending on the icon Syberai is shown. It is used on the post in the bar in Romansburg. Use the narwhal tusk on the crack to float over to the ark. Examine the lever and then pull it to see that the machine is not working. Standard magnifying glass: Talk to a character.

Pull the small handle in front of the bucket. Get the offering. Large files games can take a bit of getting used to and the graphics may seem a little awkward, but only at first. Run south, north and then south to see Igor on his own. Return to the elevator and look at the wheelbarrow to get the shears. Use the ornate key on the lock and continue east into the room. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by MrsElectkatt from Prepare to be mesmerized I played this game some time ago and was excited when I saw the title thinking it may have been a 3rd instalment.. Pull the lever above the barrel to knock Ivan over the side of the ark. Move the handle forwards twice until the automaton is in line with the front of the train and then press the red button. Look at the device between the pots. Climb down the ladder to the hold. Go back past his makeshift cylinder-home and take the stairs leading upwards. Talk about Hans: She seems unsure when Kate mentions Hans.

It's well worth sticking with. Move east three times to return to the bottom of the coal dispenser. Hand: Pick up an object. Turn the handle and get the sugar candy. Examine the broken candy machine on the counter near Emeliov and get the small key from the box. Get the herbs and brambles and then exit the graveyard. This series is for story-lovers. Enter the house. Exit the room and talk to the monk about Hans: The monk says that Alexei is dead. Which means it is well worth the pricetag. Single left click when the cursor is over a hotspot to perform actions. Go down the steps. Use the ivory hook on the slot. Talk about Father Voralberg: He should be at home. Run south, east and north to climb down the ladder.

Head out of the cylinder and down the small set of stairs. Run east along the path to see a monk by a frozen pond. Run north and then south. Turn on the radar by pressing the bottom-right red switch. Continue north to the bridge. Run north and then south down the icy slope. Take the blood testing apparatus and hand it to the colonel. There are some frustrations at times with having to click so exactly. Use the cork bung on the bottom-right hole. Give the sugar candy to Malka to get the gate key. Examine the right side of the device and use the ivory key in the slot to see symbols. Look at the controls on the right and use the handle in the center slot. Use the phone to call Oscar.

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  1. Talk about Anna: Her father is Rodolphe Voralberg. It is used on the slot in the control compartment of the train. Use the small key on the drawer of the right candy machine to get the coins from the drawer. Run west and south to the bird carving area. Starting off shortly after the events of the first game when Kate decided to leave Aralbad with Hans, the train has arrived in Romansburg, a remote town near the frozen waste.

  2. Keep walking along the metal ramp and then climb the stairs on the left hand side. Still, for those who love adventure, for those who want to learn adventure and for those who want to know what it feels like to be completely submerged into a story, so much so that you become part of the story, not to mention having an awesome gaming experience, this really is a game to own. Use the Voralberg key in the slot between the top two gauges A. It is used on the icicles above the drum machine in the Youkol village.

  3. It is used on Oscar. Get the brush by the bucket. The director is fascinated with Helena Romanski and is preparing for her to return one day.

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