Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy

An invitation to research ancient menhirs sends you to Brittany to find these magnificent standing stones. But you quickly discover there is far more at stake than groundbreaking research. There is a prophecy, one that foretells chaos and evil being unleashed upon the world on the night when a comet hides behind the moon and turns the sky purple. Tonight is that night. Can you race against the clock to save not only yourself, but the fate of two worlds?

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Finally, the ending is quite abrupt, and I wish the devs had given the option to go back to find all the white holly branches. Follow the road to Pfophecy left. Nowadays everything is so cookie cutter with soooo many repeats of the same game over and over again. Go to the room and look at the notebook. Cut the ivy A with the Garden shears. Go to the cemetery and remove the beam. Pick up the Wave-shaped mold. Take the key B and use it to open the handcuffs C. And what happens if you DON'T finish the game in the alluded 7 hours???? Pick up the Flash drive B. Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt to the lake. Reward is a Church key. Open the compass cover with the Compass key C.

Attach the Tongs to the melting pot A. There are a lot of hidden objects, but not a lot of regular hidden object scenes. Get the Crowbar out of the gap B. Read the potion recipe. Cut the bag with the Safety razor A. There are Achievements and Collectibles. It has a great storyline and graphics. Cross the lake in the boat. Pick up the Oar B. I was kind of sad when it ended. My only problem with the game is that you had to use the hint button to get around. No information hardly at all.

Two thumbs up. You can cheat, as there is a BF walkthrough. Pour water from the Jug of water A into the pot. Pick up the Watering can A. If you don't find them all, you have to play game again. Go to the lighthouse and put the Seahorse symbol in the seahorse shape in the cupboard door. There are mini games. Get out of the crypt. Natalie Brooks: Mystery at Hillcrest High gives you the Silver bar. Pick up the Wire cutter D. Pick up the Lever B. This game has TONS of mystery.

Move the clock B and pick up the Cutter behind. The mini games have just the right amount of challenge, most games being reasonable, and a few that frustrated me too much so I skipped. Take the pot with the tongs and pour the liquid silver into the tree mould D. In the forest cut the Rowan branch A with the Sickle. They don't morph, but you do have to remember to look closely at every scene, including the item popups, to find the mosaic pieces you'll need near the end of the game. It will uncover the wave shaped slot, so put the Water sigil there. Insert the Skull key to the wall B. Open the stove door B. Look at the roots on the top B and pick up the Potion of growth, the Device and the Pouch with seeds. Talk to the Hermit A. And this game wowed me in a way I haven't been wowed in a while. In the lighthouse use the Chain and padlock on the chain and weight to attach the weight. Some you found items on a list, others were silhouettes either just finding them or finding an object and using it, others were frogs! Put the Silver bar into the melting pot B. It is time to cast the third sigil.

Pick it up. The story was very engaging and the pace of the puzzles and clues kept you moving. The boat has appeared in the port. Insert the Skull key to the wall B. Pick up the Jug E. In newer games devs tend to remove a lot of hidden object scenes or just have a one time visit which is okay if you have boring object scenes but this game made me remember when hidden object scenes were special and it made me want to play more games like this that were out of the box and special. Nick about it. The characters are Best game I have played in a while! Insert the Compass needle into the compass C. Move the toy car F and then open the cardboard box and pick up the Vise handle. Pick up the Grappling hook. That the prophecy will begin in 7 hours is mentioned at the beginning of the game

Insert the Stones with signs into the holes on the wall C. Open the stove door B. Nick about it. Insert the Device into the just uncovered tree mechanism and play the minigame. Go to the island's shore. Open the box B and take the Fireaxe and the Hook from it. Good going and kudos to the developers. Look at the cage to open a hidden object scene. The characters are Remove the cobwebs D from the Axe and pick it up. Insert the Device to the wall mechanism. Open the door lock A.


Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy

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  1. Then you can pick up the Magnet D. The graphics are crystal clear, sharp, and high def, including the video cut scenes, which is a nice touch. Then go into the dark enterance. This played like a new game but also like an old school game and what I mean by that is after going through the game and picking up what I needed, using it etc all the locations stayed open which meant I could go back look for collectibles but then as I needed to go back to locations, hidden object scenes would pop up and lead the game and since each hidden object scene was new and varied I absolutely loved coming across so many. Pick up the Garden shears A and the Long stick B.

  2. Close the pendant lid B to pick up the pin. Your reward are Tongs. Use the Wrench to unscrew the screw A. And what happens if you DON'T finish the game in the alluded 7 hours????

  3. It has a good story line and plenty of play time. Open the chest by switching wooden parts of the lock B. The extinguisher is behind the broom B. After that go to the well shaft.

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