Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets

What was intended as a relaxing vacation to Savannah, Georgia for Claire Donnelly, quickly turned into one of adventure and mystery! Upon her arrival, Claire started experiencing unusual visions, which grew to vivid depictions of evil forces living among the citizens of Savannah. Help Claire explain these terrifying visions in Hidden Mysteries: Vampire’s Secrets, a dark Hidden Object Adventure game.

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Click down twice and go left. Place the clean monkey with the other two. You can toggle between the Inventory and Book Tray by clicking on the appropriate tab at the bottom of the screen. Click on the table in Vampite center of the main hall. It is sometimes hard to pick items up from the inventory tray — I usually had to try twice to actually pick an item up. Click the keypad on the blood bank door. Return to the basement. Rule 5: Do not add H Eco-Match. Click on the book above the ladder to trigger a puzzle. Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets to the third floor landing. Access the hidden object area and find the items listed. Use the knife on Hicden ropes securing the door to enter the boathouse. The camera is now disabled. Exit the pop-up window and go through the door. Press the numbers onto the keypad to complete the puzzle.

The door opens revealing a hidden object area. Go all the way back down and enter the leftmost door. Click on the inside arrows to place the cards on 1 of the 4 holding spots in the inner circle, or to place a card back on the outer circle. Write a post! A box cutter is added to inventory. It contains the blood from the blood bank. Be the first to write a forum post about this game! Return to the grounds shed. Go through the door on the right. Go through the right door first; then through left door. Date published: Rated 4 out of 5 by RVKittykat from Entertaining enough I found this game entertaining enough although the plot was a bit silly. Discuss with other players! Clicking the key will send it to inventory. Collect books many are in HOS and refer to them for useful information and clues for the puzzles. Please look at the screenshot for the final solution.

Return to the cellar. Go to the pool and use the pool scoop to retrieve the key at Poker for Dummies bottom of the pool. Open the box on iHdden table. All tasks for the laundry room are now complete. The instructions for the mini-games are always located at the bottom of the screen. Go to the office. Exit this room; go up the steps and through the door in the upper center. Place the soap in the wash tub.

Rotate the hexagons until each side has a matching color. Go down to the stairway landing. After the balls are hit, a snow globe falls from one of the pockets. Descend to the main hall and enter the laundry room. Exit this area and go to the left of the nave where the organ is located. Pick up the bar of soap by the faucet. The order of placement within each area is not important. Pick up the power cord from the table and the paint scraper from the desk. Return to room Hints work within the HOS, but are not very helpful when outside the HOS — it will show you only any clickable areas, exit arrows and magnifying glass. Return to the front gate. Collect the metal peg. Tasks remaining to be completed in this area: The grandfather clock to the right of the upstairs door is missing its face.

Click down twice. Otherwise the game has a simple and pleasurable undertaking. There are many different solutions for this puzzle. The two overlapping slots in the middle are a combination of human and creature: a mermaid and a centaur. Go through the right door and go forward. There is no finality to the game and no sequel either! Click it and stamp the guest book. Although it doesn't pull out any new surprises, Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets is well made, and offers up a nice evening's worth of object hunting and puzzle solving through a wide variety of locations. Each bar you click affects another. Continue up to the top floor. Use the flashlight to see the contents. Return to the vestry and place the missing piece on the map for the cemetery. Click to inspect the hidden objects.

It will go into inventory. Access the hidden object area in the suitcase. In the example shown in the screenshot, the number 14 counts towards the left and right side totals. Exit and zoom into the monkeys in the center of the room. The colors at the bottom of each file show you the order in which the files should be placed in the drawers. It will move over to the book on the top shelf. Go back to the hallway and enter the Medical Lab through the left door. The instructions for the mini-games are always located at the bottom of the screen. Access the loose stone. The door opens revealing a hidden object area. Take the quarter that someone left in the coin slot. Pick up the light bulb for inventory.

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  1. Tasks remaining to be completed in this area: The grandfather clock to the right of the upstairs door is missing its face. You can only place fuses in a matching spot of the same color. Go up to the third floor landing Orient yourself with locations off this third floor landing. Walkthrough There is a short clip that sets up the story line.

  2. Please look at the screenshot for the final image. Turn left to enter the chess room. Pick up the screwdriver on the table for inventory. Click down twice and enter the door on the lower left.

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