Great Secrets: Da Vinci

Play the part of the great Leonardo da Vinci! Embark on an exciting life-long adventure through his diary, where you will discover great mysteries within its pages, meet famous people of his time, find new knowledge, and possibly discover the secret of the Philosophers Stone; which can turn anything to gold! Dont miss the opportunity to visit the most distant, secret, inaccessible or long-vanished places reflected in the pages of da Vincis diary! Enjoy your travels!

Take the left path away from the manor and tracks. The engraved plate from this room shows preparation for diverting enemies. The drawer opens. This is an HOG hidden object game heavy game. The blue diamonds turns the white arrows of the colored circles. The object of the puzzle is to alternate dropping a red and a yellow ball to their respective cups. Place charcoal in the stove. Climb up to the landing. The inventory has the portfolio at top of the page. There is an alternative if you fire it now - don't worry. Talk to her again about bridge. Use the pedal and immediately push the stick towards the saw. Curiosity is Valdo's motivation in accepting the task. Lift the furnace cover and place it on furnace.

Go back to the jack on the box crate ; and place the small perforated gear above the other gear already there. You also can drop the packed straw before you jump Thanks, Chrissie! Pull the lever at end of the roller. Place the plate on the open box of the press, Place ink over the plates and lay a paper over it. Place white wine in the still. Take the bottle of white wine on the table. Mill - Look outside and see that the water wheel is stopped. Use pestle on charcoal or gall nutand take charcoal powder. The concentration-type mini-games are far too easy, as are most of the puzzles in which you reconstitute a painting from its pieces. Curiosity is Valdo's motivation in accepting the task. If you place milk on the bowl, the angelic gauge goes up but can be balanced by doing a devilish act or use points. Clock - Turn around and forward. Place the large perforated gear on top of the large spindle on the left. Take the key mould again.


Strange Aliens in Da Vinci's Paintings: Hidden Messages

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Mill Cursed House Look outside and see that the water Secrwts: is stopped. This means the puzzle is completed. Prepare gunpowder - Go to the lab bench in the study. Take the Vinc off Sfcrets: picture. The corner squares affect the 2 side squares - forming a right angle. Enter the paper in the portfolio. Look around and check the globe. Take the bottle of water from the table. The 2 circles have 2 places that overlap each other. Boat - If not yet done, remove the camouflage and drop it to the right. With gloves on, pour the molten gold on the gold blank mould. Some of the items Tales of Rome: Solitaire alternative ways to be obtained and some actions have alternative paths. Read the portfolio for the letters of the patron - Florence: 2 September and 19 September. Madame Marie Babou de la Bourdaisiere, his hostess is away at the moment. Take the sheet of paper and enter it in portfolio.

We will do this later. Pick up more charcoal if needed. Give her the collar-necklace which increases the angelic gauge. Place charcoal on mortar and use pestle to get charcoal powder. Open the trap door - Move the 2 sacks off the trap door and place them on the left side. Use the knife to cut the sticks. These are the actions that can be made: a. This game might have been riveting for a seven-year-old but not for the average player. There is a clicking penalty that takes away time. You flatter me There's knife on the center table that can be taken if needed. If wearing uniform, side guard will stop you. Light the lantern hanging on the raised trap door.

Happy Gaming! Learn about the mission - to look for the codex-notebook. See Greah logs on the left that are ready to be split. Look through telescope to see purple. The ugly: The journal reads like something a 6th grader might write if asked to imagine a journal kept by da Vinci. At the bottom of the smaller circle is the path that drops the unused balls back to the edge of the rotating Greeat.

Take pebbles from the ground by the ladder, if needed. See that there are diamonds on one end of each row of ornate panels and on the top of each column. Reeds - Turn left and use knife on reeds to get reeds. It has a depiction of 2 kissy faces like the return button in the game. Answer with 'Thank you, Madam. Day 4: 25 September Valdo wakes up and reminisces about the happenings the night before. Date published: Rated 1 out of 5 by pennmom36 from Great Secrets: DaVinci This game is the same as Great Secrets: Nostradamus, there's nothing exciting about this Hidden Object Puzzle game, the graphics are grainy, the story is merely written pages of a diary, and the same scene is repeated four times before you get to move on to another scene. Open the door of the stove. Jack - Go towards the other door and look at the table. The description makes it seem like something out of this world! Pan down and look at the ladder leaning on the wall. It is easier and less confusing to "capture" two or three balls at a time and, of course, in order if you can. Click on the cannon pictured and see new words appear. Look at Valdo and Babou's picture in inventory - she moved. See that it goes to Valdo's bedroom formerly Salai's.

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  1. Perhaps, to give the idea of the time period. Call the dove for the message - Take the dove call left of the window. Take the large perforated gear. See chopped logs on the left that are ready to be split. Take the collar-necklace.

  2. Talk to Madame Babou. This is the one taken from above the fireplace in the workshop. You can replay to do the other alternative. Take the small gear from the floor.

  3. Take the blood stone from bottom circle and click it on the whitened area after the line-dots to write the numbers chosen. Click the 3rd from top right blue diamond to turn the 3rd row white arrows to point down. It gives the ingredients for gunpowder - saltpetre, sulphur and charcoal. Make an Albarti's grid - Place nail on the hole at middle left edge of the wood stand.

  4. There is an alternative if you fire it now - don't worry. Talk to Saturnin, the guardian of the manor about the gardens, workshop and Madame Babou. Angelic gauge goes up. Take the 2 color lenses. This means the puzzle is completed.

  5. Use the bronze key on the cabinet to get gold nuggets, red paint, blue paint, yellow paint and varnish. The long piece of the divider points to the cup which will NOT get the next ball. Take the bronze key. Go up the stairs and look down on the floor of the first landing by tapestry. The HOGs are impossible without the constant use of the "tip" bar.

  6. Close the lid, push to press, press and take the paper from box. Exit via the formerly leaning door. It gives the ingredients for gunpowder - saltpetre, sulphur and charcoal. Then climb up.

  7. If it has sleeping draught, Madame will fall asleep. Then turn the bars to position the 5 holes over the 5 stars. She will trill another 4 notes. Read the letter and see that it is the letter of introduction for Valdo.

  8. Look down under the carpet and see a board. See the bricked wall on the left. Place the powder in the slot. Make an Albarti's grid - Place nail on the hole at middle left edge of the wood stand.

  9. Below that is the jack that linked to a system of pools. Now we can check the workshop. Use the jack on the base of the leaning door. Valdo now works for the King. Look through the telescope and see Saturnin hiding a boat.

  10. Check the bookcase and clicked on the etched words above it - The path of pleasures. Gold blanks - Place the gold blank mold on the table on the right of furnace. Go down the stairs and go forward. It is made up of water, sugar and saltpetre. Curiosity is Valdo's motivation in accepting the task.

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