Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession

In Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession, you have been summoned to a lush vineyard by the maid of a wealthy family. When you arrive, the frightened girl hands you a mysterious diary that reveals the murders of three women – but who is the murderer? Signs point to a member of the Conti family, yet Signor Conti and his sons are away… As you delve deeper into your investigation, you realize that all is not as it seems on this rural Italian estate. Can you uncover the truth before you become the next page in the killer’s diary?

Keep flipping the pages to view all the information. Put the TARP over the rose bushes. Attempt to go right past the house. Then put the crown V on her head. Browse the store to see if you can afford items that will aide your investigation. Tiles need to be completely uncovered before they can be removed. Return to the tower. Go to the motorbike outside the gate. Zoom in on the power box again. Use the shovel in the sand and take the axe S. Take the fan from the phone booth. Excellent cutscenes, very convincing VO, appealing story, perfect graphics, great animation and soundtrack, gorgeous locations, colorful and neat in details. Move the barriers indicated in yellow to the positions in the screenshot. Select the center drawer to activate a HOS. Zoom in on the tap at the bottom of the barrel.

A hand icon indicates objects you can pick up. Use the axe to break the panel and reveal the pliers. You know you want to. Zoom in on the pinball machine. Go in. The direction the coin takes will depend on which arrow it lands on. Open the left compartment for a mini game. When you open the box, take theTool Kit. Once back on the path, go to the left. Connect all the parts of the circuit so that all the lights burn green. Change the numbers with the arrows L until it falls on the 2. Zoom in on the manhole cover in the floor for a mini game. You need to position the obstacles so that the green ball bounces into the green opening at the top. Barriers inside the box indicated with red arrows can be moved to help you along. Move the barriers indicated in yellow to the positions in the screenshot.

Remove the patch 5 with the saw 6. Zoom in on the tire on the back of the car. Go back to the shed and play the new HOS. Put the handle on the juicer. If your hint meter contains more than one fan, you can use those in quick succession without having to wait until the meter fills up again. Cursors The default cursor is a red arrow. It seemed like the creators decided that was enough and ended it. ERS takes you outside the box in this adventure. Shoot the rifle. Once back on the path, go to the left. Grim Facade Sinister Obsession — 3 desk keys Congratulations! Play the HOP. There is a multitool on the bench. If you put the ladder against the barrel by the shed, there will be a new HOS by the gate. Click and drag the tools from the pouch and attach them to the handles on the knife.

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Press on the correct buttons until all the buttons are depressed. Activate the hubcap puzzle. Go to Villa Conti. Open the book on the Echoes of Aetheria and turn the page to find the hammerhead shark green. Now keep rocking the bench until it breaks. Play the HOP. Return to the tower. Inside the bag are a picture, a RING and three liras Open the large box; take the feather K and the hat L. The story line was good. Put the cheese down so the mouse comes out. Once you get theHammer, go outside. Extinguish the fire with the bucket of juice. Go to the burial vault.

Look at the steps to see a grenade with a trip wire N. Go to the back of the car. Barriers inside the box indicated with red arrows can be moved to help you along. Zoom in on the end of the pier. Zoom in on the lawnmower and use the CANE as a handle. Go back to the staircase. Move the spheres to the matching colored sections by use of the arrows on each side of the puzzle. Zoom in on the birdhouse in the tree. Hard: Skip and Hint buttons recharge very slowly. Use the gloves to pick up the pliers. Tools that are in the correct place will remain in place. Open the large box; take the feather K and the hat L. Go to the front of the house and zoom in on the lamp. Turn the valve on Q ; aim the hose at the gate and then go through it. Three modes of play.

Zoom in on the rubber tire on the wall, and on the sickle by the tire. Altogether this is a must buy game. You might not be any Jessica Fletcher, but you got this. Douse the trash can fire with the extinguisher and take the Siniwter R. You can change the difficulty mode at any point during the game in the options menu. Put the masks in the right order using Charma: The Land of Enchantment common features as a clue. Use the pump X on the balloon Y and take the ball. Walk down the road. Hint also different: instead of "fill", you will finding peacock feathers in the game, and each one is a hint. Go back to the phone booth and use the glove to get around the glass.


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  1. Go to the ground floor of the villa. Try to go up the steps and a cupboard will fall and block access to the stairs 1. Active areas are not highlighted. Use the crowbar on the brackets holding the painting in the top left in place.

  2. Take the ladle 8 ; zoom into the resin and put the ladle in it to get the ladle with pitch 9. Click A, then B. Turn on the valve I. You have found all the clues to find the murderer.

  3. If the urn is in the right place, the container will fill evenly. So go on. B: Use the little screwdriver on all four screws. Dig at the base of the signpost to find three liras 7.

  4. Put the hot pliers in the bucket to get the pliers Dig in the dirt on the right to find the axe. If you move your cursor over an outline it will give you a description. Go to the shed at the right arm of the crossroads.

  5. Play the new HOS in the drawer. Keep rocking the painting until it falls off. Zoom in on the lock on the garage door and pick it with the PIN.

  6. Take the CORD. Zoom in on the lock attached to the gloves and open it with If you make a mistake you can select the Reset button to start over.

  7. Don't know why maybe the music was to constant same tune over and over made me sleepy. Zoom in on the bags on the right. Zoom in on the fire for an iHOS. Go back to the gate and look at what the dog was barking at. To tune the radio, click on the large knob and drag it to the side while holding down your mouse button.

  8. This will lead into a puzzle. You can buy items from Giovanni by clicking to select the item, then clicking on your liras in the bottom left corner, then clicking on Giovanni. Move the barrier blocking the yellow target. But for the great majority of players this will be an excellent experience.

  9. Click A, A, A, B. Clues didn't really lead to anything. Use the termites on the rotten board. Go into the tomb Zoom in on the painting.

  10. Go to the motorbike outside the gate. Zoom in on the shield on the wall and use the screwdriver to remove the handle. The puppy will be waiting for you by the ivy on the right. Click on theAnvil.

  11. You can only make a limited number of wrong moves. Back out to the hall. You can reset in the top left if you need to. Take the notebook when she offers it to you. Click to open the door.

  12. Head back to the villa and go to the left. Pick up a piece of lead from the floor and put it on the mold. Go to the back door.

  13. Zoom in on the broken mill and look through the hatch. Remove the front sheet. Take the rag 8 and use it to wipe the surface and reveal the number

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