Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage

Save the souls of prodigy children and their caretaker who disappeared during the fire in THe Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage! As an agent of the Agency of Anomalies, its up to you to find the phantoms and find out who started the deadly fire. Help the inhabitants of the orphanage use their extraordinary abilities to break the plans of the mystical brotherhood and escape! Search gorgeous Hidden Object scenes and solve a paranormal mystery!

To get nine, you need to grab the single die and bring it over to the other dice. I have recently purchased the other three in the series and am looking forward to playing them. Start with the blue section 1 as it already has part of it in place. Return to the locker hallway down six times, up three times. Retrace the purple path back to point B. The goal is to align the same colors in each segment. Go forward to the level completion button 4. Return to the bird feeder. Pick up the postcard between the pillows. The following screenshots show a possible solution for each maze level. Turn on the gas again by clicking on the knob. The first step is to use the arrows on the right and left to scroll through images and find the ones that match the drawing see above inset.

Bonne Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage

Pick up the postcard between the pillows. Examine the switch on the weather vane C. Open the wardrobe. Inspect the opening in the bookcase C. Put Sweet Lily Dreams: Chapter III items back in their place. The best strategy is to work with the corner fuses as they have a limited number of possible connections. Check it out. Move the board B. Grab that. Library Zoom in on the wallpaper on the back wall. Once you find the objects, later, in another scene, will put them in place. Examine the box on the chair B. Reception Area Zoom in on the desk. Go through the hole in the floor.

Hmmm what to do Go through the open door. The hidden object screnes were primarily of two types: Find obects and place objects. The fireflies move away from the curser. You need to shoot the planks in the order that they highlight. Follow the green path from point B to button 3. Inspect the clock A. Just what I always wanted Press the OK key then pull the switch. Pick up the postcard on the chaise lounge. Press on two pieces to swap their positions. The goal is to use the arrows to replicate the pattern in the upper right corner.

I crack myself up. Play the replace the object scene B. Locker Hallway Pick up the postcard. Cross the bridge. One achievement is finding the 33 postcards hidden in the scenes. Hidden object scenes contain items listed in red lettering. I know

Play the hidden object scene D. It's way too hot to handle Use telekinesis to lift the section of collapsed roof A. Scaring that crow in the tree of course! Interesting game that keeps you wanting to play it. The starting position for this level is where the last level finished. You are now the proud owner of a HORN Read the note B. Think you can handle it? Drag the pencil to the page to draw a House. Pick up the postcard on the floor under the chair by the table. Use the needle to sew the rip in the Whale. Go back one screen and let's look at that door at the end of the hall on the right. You also get a supernatural ability from each child, which you can use as the game progresses. These items require an extra step to find.

A metronome? Immersive and very interesting story: helping to save the special children who disappeared in the explosion that occurred at the orphanage left me spellbound. The above inset shows one solution. I got lost a few times but with a bit of thinking I was able to recover and move on without a walkthrough. To find the atlas, you need to move that picture of Africa in the book over to the map on the shelf. Grab that will you? When a tile is correctly positioned, it darkens. Rated 5 out of 5 by hermitcave from A surprisingly enjoyable game with an engaging story You are at your desk reading your newspaper when a wind blows over a bottle of ink spilling it on the paper. Let's look at it. I definitely and positively recommend it. Only the rabbit remains. Lets start with the storyline: A group of orphans with special abilities are missing and you must learn what happened to them inside the abandoned orphanage. Exit the orphanage and go left. Click the icicle to break it off of the overhang. Why did it have to be weeds


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  1. Tree House Take the postcard tucked among the drawings on the left. Well there's a RAG on the right Music Room Zoom in on the piano A. Follow the purple line to the purple button 1.

  2. Pick up the postcard between the pillows. Begin play by selecting a mode: Regular — Hint and Skip button recharge faster. Enter the open door. It will automatically select the right power for the object you click on.

  3. Next work on the fuses that require five connections. Puzzles rewarded me with useful tools. Click on the nexus and click on the DRUM to enlarge it. Let's take it apart

  4. Replace the chip to mend the Cup. There now If you're stuck and don't know what to do, it's a good idea to consult your journal for clues. Play is mostly linear although there are some options for the order in which to explore locations.

  5. Not all key halves will be used. The story is simple yet interesting. Can you solve the mystery of Cinderstone Orphanage and save the children?

  6. During your search you meet ghosts of children with different abilities that you interact with to gain their trust and by helping them find peace and these abilities are then transferred to you and help you to further your investigation. Advanced — Hint and Skip buttons recharge slower. The Story section of the Journal contains information to help guide game play and solve puzzles. Click the Nexus. Basement — Secret Room Zoom in on the machine on the left.

  7. Take the Ability to enlarge objects S. I'm not sure if stick figures count as art. Turn on the gas 2. Replace the chip to mend the Cup. One possible solution for the first set of lights is shown above.

  8. Kitchen Take the KEY from the table and the postcard from above the door. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by neilskinut from Good and easy One of the better voice overs and graphics is great. Hallway Pick up the postcard on the right.

  9. Remove the lid. Return to the office. The above shows possible solutions for the last two rounds. Zoom into the window; break the window with the GAFF 5.

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