Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

After Awakening in a mysterious castle it's up to you to collect clues and valuable items needed to solve perplexing puzzles and escape! Listen to your fairy friend as she guides you towards the exit. Play fun minigames and solve clever locks to make it to the next room in the castle. Use your Hidden Object skills to search for the next hint and discover a young Princess' destiny in Awakening: The Dreamless Castle.


Awakening The Dreamless Castle Part 1

I think he's had enough to drink already, but he wants some more wine. Use the clue from the marble puzzle to solve this one. A key then appears. Only the highlighted tiles can be matched. You win a Crystal. The washbasin on the floor on the left will be perfect for cleaning the cauldron! Pick up the iron key. Their helmets are facing forward, left and forward. Click on the panel to the right of the cabinet with the bells to get a glass disc and turn on the switch. For now, take the food bowl which is on the right. This gives you access to a box. It's a nice statue, and you can take two things off of it: the bow and the chain. That basket will let you pick mushrooms, in front of the carriage house in the garden.

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Use the fairy carving on the portcullis. Once you get the rune, symbols appear on the mirror. If you do, your time counter gets increased by ten minutes. He's on the right Time to Hurry: Nicoles Story of the screen. It should! Once you win the minigame, the stew is cooked. I think he's had enough to drink already, but he wants some more wine. Take the firewood and the cauldron. This is a picture of the young princess, with Braveland Wizard parents. The angel tears Awakeniny: one of the three ingredients needed to make the pure of heart potion, that leads to the next part of the castle. Snap all the pieces into place, and you get the fairy figurine. Just switch the flowers around until they match the ballerina's wreath. So that's six green things first, then five, then four, then three, then two, then one.

He leaves and lets you use the telescope. Pick up the shovel. Use the crowbar on the trapdoor. Look at the map to start a hidden objects scene. On the door leading to the garden. Those three numbers add up to There are some things here to interact with, but most of them are covered in dust! The curtain opens. The ballerinas go inside the music box, on a small table left of the dresser. For the second puzzle, this is the order: the straight row of purple, all the other purples, the gray, the bottom blue, the remaining blue, and the black. That's good enough for the astronomer, though. Win three rounds, and you get a dragon's egg. Hey, we're in the art gallery now. The dumbwaiter is here, in the hallway. Click on the tapestry to do an unscramble image puzzle.

I am eyeing up a few games to write guides for over spring break. Go back to the South Tower Landing. Use Astro Avenger 2 shears on the vines at the top of the stairs until the vines are all gone. Use the four colors to paint the statue correctly, and it opens up. Use the cauldron on the fireplace. Click on the door. Examine the gargoyle stand for another puzzle where you put the pieces together to form a picture. That's not all! Tap on the ingredients, in the same order they light up in. Use the bird feeder from the room with the griffin statue on the hook Awakening: The Dreamless Castle the left window.

Get a sledgehammer and a rope. Putting the ballerinas in place will start a "repeat the pattern" puzzle. Use the candle on the darkness to enter the wine cellar. Place the berries in order from most stems to least stems. There are six soldiers in the picture, each with a different weapon. Examine it, and press the button. Go back to the alchemy lab, and use this stone in the magnifier on the alchemist's desk. Look at the map to start a hidden objects scene. It's a color-coded lock. Click on the goblin heads so that the heads are arranged from light to dark, left to right. It has six grooves, for six golden discs. Pick up the gold chain from the horse. Then, use the magic beans on the hole.

Talk to the astronomer. Get rid of the blue marbles on the bottom, which makes other blue marbles fall. Arrange them in clockwise fashion, in order of their legs the green things , from many to few. The brick pattern is out, in, out, then out, out, in, then out, in, out. I thoroughly enjoyed this game more than I have the past few. It's a hidden objects scene! Rotate the squares to form a pattern. Use the mushrooms on the dragon, and it will eat them. You get a heart locket. You can now go through the mirror to reach the mirror world. You win a clue for your journal. Pick up the candle from the table. Get a sledgehammer and a rope. For example, the two vials on the left mix together to form the color green.

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  1. In case you haven't noticed, we're collecting weapons now for a puzzle later on. Once you find them, use them on the steel door. The game ends as the Princess and the goblins finally leave the castle, after the hundred-year curse. Talk to the alchemist, to learn that a stone with your name on it is near the pond.

  2. Then, go left to the pantry and give the stew to the hungry goblin. You get a riddle. Press the button and take your reward: a prism. To get the water, you have to go backwards and left, to the pond. This leads to a puzzle, where you have to recreate a picture by swapping tiles.

  3. Use the shield on the angel statue. Talk to the alchemist, to learn that a stone with your name on it is near the pond. Go through the trapdoor to reach a new area: the hidden passageways. Pick up three teddy bears and one ballerina. It's locked by a moon, star and sun.

  4. He gives you a minigame called Goblinjong, which is just like mahjong. A key is resting on a pillow here. Take the glass disc--there are five in total, in this game--and press the switch to make it light up.

  5. Use the broom on the dust. Use the Potion of True Sight from the griffin statue on the book, and you're able to read it. Is that a picture of the princess and her parents? There are six soldiers in the picture, each with a different weapon.

  6. Click on the lunchbox to the right of where the goblin was and get a piece of stone. Pick it up. Use the broom to sweep the dust, and you get an iron key.

  7. He made both of the gem boxes you solved earlier. Get rid of all the butterflies by matching pairs. Pick up the wine bottle on the floor at the bottom of the left hand shelf. All the numbers in a line must add up to These ones are much tougher than the previous three.

  8. Open it with the same four colors that are on the angel. The alchemist leaves. The pigeon then flies over, and you can take a golden beetle from its mouth. Find all the hidden objects, and you will get a rake.

  9. As a reward, a treasure chest appears in the fountain. Take the magic stone from the image. For Round Two, get rid of all the green gems, starting with the top ones.

  10. Collect three more pieces of stone. Get Potion of Corrosion. On the door leading to the garden.

  11. It can't be opened yet. I am eyeing up a few games to write guides for over spring break. Flowers are blooming here now! Swap the lights in the order of the angel carving, from left to right: orange, green, blue, purple, red.

  12. Now for the reversed gem box. Go to the pond. Use the potion of pure heart on the door. That'd mean the feathers look like this: red blue blue red blue blue blue red red blue The statue moves its claw, giving you access to a vase.

  13. Click on the map for a hidden object mini-game. This is where you use the four color pictures that you saw in the book in the bedroom. Click on the cocoons and touch the ones in the same position as the lit animal symbols: from left to right, lit, lit, unlit, lit, unlit, lit. Good, that's it for here.

  14. Examine the panel against the wall. All right, one more rune to go! Once she finally got the hint that I did not need help writing my guides, she started sitting on her side of the room, blaring music through her headphones and writing or drawing - I don't really want to know, in a notebook.

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