Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy

Mel has gone into hiding after she discovers she can use magic. To make matters worse, wicked creatures called Darklings keep popping up, convinced that Mel is the prophesied one who will build a dark empire for them. Edward, her best friend, eventually finds her hiding in the village of Harakauna and has brought help! Can Mel learn how to use her magical powers for good? Find out in Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy, a fun Strategy game!

Go east and interact with the peg by the chasm to put the rope across the chasm. You will be able to return to Stella and Edward later to find the mask for the party, if you forgot to do it before talking to Beatrice. Then go back to the previous cave, back out to the plains and back into the large cave. Yemite senses that the cursed object is at the bottom of the village well. Take the will from the desk and bring it to the judge. You can close the door of the pen as you chase down the next one. Follow the squirrels out and go back towards Clearwater. Interact with the miniature house to take it and bring it back to Helga. Middle left. You need to go to the inn and help the innkeeper with a wisp infestation. The pleased ghouls depart. Missing Daughter When you leave the well, talk to the woman who stays behind. When you attempt to enter the cave, Yemite finds Mel and joins the party to protect her.

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Edward leaves to find the fighters quarters and the Head Master tells Mel to check in with Professor Prophcey. Stella and company must find a map of an abandoned temple for General Beal if they want his help. Talk to Professor Yavara and Avdyond: to exterminate the nest of magic wisps at a local inn. He gives you gold coins for solving the jewelry thief case. Stella wants a green engagement ring and any two of the cupcake, comb and Age of Mahjong song. The thieves knew this and had been blackmailing Lady Anara. A note is in the doorway. Edward also Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy to listen. First go to the east exit to get a better sword for Galahad. A vampire could enter unharmed. Fight the ghosts and triumph—but nobody cheers. Prophhecy return to Gregor and Beyond the Kingdom a lute as reward. Go north first and follow the path until you get to the Star Temple. Take the poison back to Gabrel.

Watch the scene with Mel, who meets a couple of new friends who will join her party. She accepts the cupcake, love song, lilies and comb and loves the snail. He falls into the portal just before it winks out. In the second room, first go to the north bridge, jump down the black hole and push the green button. Note: You can land your dragon anywhere on grass. In Aveyond, seek the oracle. Sarah gives you a ghost doll before she leaves with Varrah. After talking to Edward, go back to your room and read the letter on the floor. Go down the next waterfall and through the blue portal, to come out by a chest. Give him the spelled ice. This opens the two southern gates in the room with all the chests, so you can go back there to get some more goodies. Then go back to the academy, where all hell has broken loose. Orion and stop by Sedona to visit the beggar.

Talk to the Chancellor in the castle. Place the bits of pipe you found on the two open ends and then pull the lever. Go upstairs—the inn is empty. Bring them to the temple and place them on the pedestals surrounding the arrow. Since the Empress promised to assist Edward in retrieving his throne for delivering a magic wielder of great power to serve the empire; he must go as well. Yemite teleports away to find him. Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist inn-keeper says the place is full.

In the center of this cave is a small floating island with a bridge towards it and a hole in the middle. Give the fan to Lillian and she will leave the house so you can open the chest. Take it. You tell the king and queen that Lady Anara sold Katie into slavery to open the throne to her own son. Find the Jewel Thief Go to the castle in the northwest and talk to the king. Galahad still thinks he must go to the Demon Realm on a rescue mission. Find the Arrow Bring the map to General Beal. Missing Daughter When you leave the well, talk to the woman who stays behind. Bring it to Gregor, who will start work on his masterpiece. Walk north to witness the Militant Squirrels on the march to the abandoned temple. Note: Have Edward consume Mandrake to increase his capacity for magic. Go to the Reaper Express which is assessable in the graveyard. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to how to complete Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy.


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Before you leave the clearing find another piece of pipe. Enter Sheian Lyr and stock up on better weapons and armor. The queen you talk to gives you a rope. You can only dismount when the shadow is on flat ground. Everyone in town is talking about lilies in the forest. He wants you to find out who has been stealing the jewels. Go back out to the Demon Plains and make your way west. A wyrd vegetable is required for the remedy. In the Forest of Mirrors, take the one that does not lie! Declaring the debt paid, she transforms into a bat and flies away. Note: The Scorpion Ring hidden in a treasure chest is powerful but will break eventually so use it wisely. As soon as they have grown, take one for the slime herding game in the Demon Caves later on.

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  1. Talk to Varrah, the semi-transparent woman standing south of the well. There are also bad guys to fight if you need money. Orion Caves.

  2. The staff has to be removed from her possession before this can be done. Woo the girl of your choice with gifts. He will sell it to you for gold coins. Go through the Demon Caves to an exit that takes you to the Demon Plains. Not only does she have a vast array of healing and protective spells, her melee attack now also is pretty good.

  3. Talk to William. The next morning, go back to the Hall of Magic and sit down at the empty desk in the main classroom. Go to the house straight south of the castle. He seizes Mel, and tells her she must go with him to a place called Underfall.

  4. Leave the cathedral and talk to the Skeleton Guard on your way out. The hive will spawn 6 wisps. The strangers are Professors of magic at Shadwood Academy in the empire of Veldarah. Talk to the guard. And once the curse is hers it will be lifted from the villagers.

  5. Enter the cave and make your way around to the next cave, in which there are two exits. You will find a series of locked gates with riddles to which the answers will be one of the capitalized words from the riddle. She reveals that the vampress, Beatrice, owes her a favor. If you choose the white queen blue you will get a myrica infusion and the red queen gives you a level egg.

  6. There is no real strategy for the next fight. Head east and then south. The castle is in the northwest. Descend into the well. Then go back to the previous cave, back out to the plains and back into the large cave.

  7. In the next cave, make your way to the southwest, clearing out the chests on your way. Go back to the gem dealer once more and ask him who sold him the ring. In the Demon Caves find the scary mask that is lying on the ground.

  8. The stone arrow turns to gold. She wants you to go and find her a new one. For your kindness, he gives you an original love song.

  9. Outside is a non-functioning Sword Servicing Station. The next day, once again report to Professor Yavara. She likes the cupcake, love song, lilies and comb but not the snail.

  10. Travel west through the jungle and bring along some Marsh Tea—the snakes here are poisonous. Go to the forest and fight and kill them all. Their thread has been stolen and they need it for their tapestry or everyone is doomed. Follow the path around, ignore the exit to the northwest for now and make your way southwest. Follow the squirrels but the temple is locked.

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