Web of Deceit: Black Widow

You’re drawn into a web of deceit when your train stops in Andville, where the Black Widow lies in wait. Follow a trail of clues and dead husbands as you explore this once picturesque town now at the mercy of the Black Widow and her mechanical minions. What drives her lust for revenge? Where is the root of her strange power? Uncover the bizarre history – and mystery – of this little town. And track down the Black Widow in time to foil her devious plot for revenge!


Web of Deceit: Black Widow (Gameplay)

Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by gailgo from Fun Game I immediately loved this game because it automatically opened in widescreen, no black bars! Read the note M. Outside, you are amazed to find that the entire train is caught in weird spider webs, including the engineer, who asks for your help in freeing the train so he can leave. Select the counter for a HOS I. Move the stick shift to find the tracing paper T. Return to the printing office and look at the press. You will earn the AWL. A small green arrow will show you where you are aiming. Look at the table again. There is a jump map but areas requiring action are not indicated so keep notes as there is a lot of inventory puzzles that you will need to remember where items found are used. Place the seed in the pot to make the flower K. Exit the close-up, then select the cabinet for a HOS C.

Enter the forest. Select the fire truck cab for a HOS S. Open the vise to take the comb Q. Use the tape on the wire to reveal the magnet S. Nice and gritty and realistic like I like it. Move the dials to the positions shown in the screenshot U. Open the upper right cabinet to find a dragonfly, eye, mole, and postcard Q. The only thing that dissappointed was the ending. Select the chair for a HOS R. Note the work table K. Music was looped but pleasant. Walk down, then walk to the right. Select the counter for a HOS I.

Des celibataire Web of Deceit: Black Widow gratuit algerie

Look at the mini-game Love Chronicles: The Spell the bed. He will meet her at the train station. Look at the bulletin board and remove the paper L. The circles will light once the tablet passes Battle Slots. All of the cutscenes are placed in the journal and can be replayed and I played all of them several times as they were so well done. Great game for the money. Select the signal Lost Island: Mahjong Adventure a HOS E. Walk forward to the garage. Look at the shelf; pull the string and open the book O. You will earn the AWL. Note the mini-game on the right set of doors C. Not all the keys will be used. Look at Morgana C. As she begins to tell you something, a hoard of tiny mechanical spiders crawl along on top of the train to your compartment and break in through the window. The paper will go automatically into your journal.

Look at the floor near the journalist; open the 2 straps on the bag A. Use the poison on the hat to release the rose W. Open the top center drawer to find the mousetrap G. Lots of puzzles which is my favorite. Select a piece, then left-click to rotate it to the proper orientation. The inventory makes sense and not much backing up. Use the teaspoon on the moss 2. Note you need something heavy to break the mirror on the vanity H. Put the wings on the body to make the butterfly J. Date published: The game is excellent, however, the bar has been consistently lowered over time especially with the introduction of pay to play games. Take the left path to the mountains D. Place the pole on the net to make the scoop net B. Press the Select the signal for a HOS E.

Select the cab of the fire truck for a HOS M. Turn the key, Alchemy Quest enter the radio tower. Date published: Rated 4 out of 5 by hermitcave from Be warned, if you don't like spiders Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist may not be the game for you On vacation to relax, you decide to take the train and the gentle rocking and clicking of the wheels on the tracks has caused you to doze off. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by usignuolo from Very enjoyable game - so long so as you don't mind spiders Bought this as a special offer and was very enjoyably surprised. Use the spoon on the eggs to find the fly C. Use the poison on the hat to release the rose W. Return to the garage.

Try the door to the cave G. Place the 9 spiders on the grid so that none are on the same horizontal, vertical, or diagonal paths O. Other than that it was a great game, Lots of challenges and good length. Look at the casket for a mini-game I. Walk forward to the printing office. A word will briefly appear at the top. Look at the shelf; pull the string and open the book O. Open the top left drawer to find the key I. Select the area on the left for a HOS. Walk to the fire station. Quite long too. Place the page in the envelope, then close the flap to make the letter R. Look at the table again for a mini-game. Walk up the stairs to the nursery.

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  1. Look at the mini-game on the bed. Open the fortune cookie to find the ring N. Look at the Morse code poster A. Hidden object scenes are junk pile list type with some interactive objects but all fit the locations with objects that make sense and most were easily found. Look at the door in the back for a mini-game.

  2. Turn the key, then enter the radio tower. Look inside the niche, then look at the book for a mini-game E. Walk left to the laboratory. Look at the table and read the paper E. Return to the square.

  3. Open the drawer, use the beetle on the cabinet D. Not too many which is good. A tragic story of a bad childhood involving peer teasing and bullying and mistreatment by an uncaring mother that drove Morgana to hide where her only friend was a special spider that bit her giving her powers and everlasting youth before it died.

  4. Return to the mountains. Walk down, then enter the burning house on the left. Return to the pharmacy.

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