Silent Scream: The Dancer

You, as Jennifer, have to solve a perplexing mystery and save her only daughter in Silent Scream: The Dancer! After leaving work one night, Jennifer is chased by a mysterious group of people. She is almost successful in her escape, but is knocked unconcious. After waking up, she discovers that her daughter has been kidnapped! Help her track down her daughter and save the day in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

I like the older HO games that are a bit retro. Click the tumblers until they correspond to the code from outside the building: Work backwards from the sink area to the tap. Collecting all the items causes a cut scene to open. Use the keys to open the surgery. Collect all items on the list. You are now outside the mortuary. Pick up the second blade B. Go upstairs. The water and aspirin C appear in inventory. You are warned about the beating heartbeat and what you might encounter. Try to arrange as many pieces as possible together and sweep at once. Not too long and definitely not too short.

Chapter 2: My Baby Sarah Enter the child care house. All the pieces must be used. Click one of the items in inventory to bring up the combine option. Use the KEY to open the mortuary door. Date published: The storyline was excellent, and there was a BIG twist at the end that I didn't see coming at all. Return to the apartment entry. Navigation: Task — Only one task at a time is displayed. Zoom in on the hidden object scene in the evidence room B. Find that you need to collect items to open the access. To reach an exit you cannot avoid encountering a creature; the heartbeat is just a warning of what is coming. They are highlighted in white with a blue border. I like the older HO games that are a bit retro. Visually, this game is stunning, just stay alert. Open the hidden object scene in the cell B.

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Date published: Rated Sparkle Unleashed out of 5 by Dylanandlukesmum from I. Enter the makeup room B. Access the puzzle area B. Go to Adam Street. All the pieces must be used. Click the sparkling refrigerator door. Finishing the puzzle leads to another cut scene. The green pipes can only be rotated in place. Pick Dig The Ground a blade for the shears A from in front of the sign. Return to the first floor. Return to the apartment building entrance C. Find the the words and zodiac symbols. I really hope they make another Silent Scream! Go up the stairs at the far end of the room to the 2nd floor.

Use it to play the puzzle B. The art style is very Tim Burton-esque. The fish bowl, however, matches the piece of paper on the side of the box next to the needle in the above screen shot. One thing I will stress is that this is a game where you have to pay attention or you'll miss the scare-factor. Return to the attic. Combine both documents and watch the cut scene. Go through to her bedroom. Drag each one to the combine area. The best strategy is to start with any outside dot and work your way around the outside. Paired together, the atmosphere created is creepy and in several scenes, the use of 'shadows' had my skin crawling. Place the pot in the sink C. Enter the Kitchen C.

Enter the bedroom A. Items cannot be picked up until they are needed, but clicking an item when the cursor turns into a hand displays information that may help solve future tasks. This is a really good game! So Trivia Golf you are the type to rush through games without really paying attention to your surroundings, you'll probably miss the majority of scary moments. TThe items need to be combined to be used. Access the dumpster A.


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The art style is very Tim Burton-esque. Difficult — No tutorial. In trying to find out what happened to the main characters' lost daughter, you find yourself talking to her saying "Don't do that" or Don't look in that room". Hints are not limited and refill quickly in casual mode. Click the sparkling shades to open a puzzle. Click to place the bulb. Pick it up for inventory. This game does not strive to satify those who demand the biggest, brightest and "Best. Return to the sleeping day care worker. Some might be put off because it's not your standard HOG where you collect a bunch of things, but I recommend that you keep on playing and I believe you will be drawn into the whole story. All in all, I thought it deserved 5 stars. Use the matches to light the lantern F.

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  1. Click the cloth. After the cut scene you are on the second floor. Chapter 6: Trapped Zoom in on the chair A and view a cut scene.

  2. There are a few that are different, and go slooooooow, or you may be in for a good scare! Go into the kitchen. General Tips This hidden object game requires visiting several locations and using inventory items to advance play.

  3. Go to the living room. I played this game several months ago, but I absolutely loved it and it holds a permanent place in my Game Manager reserved only for my absolute favorites. Artwork to die for!!

  4. The green pipes can only be rotated in place. Overall, if you love a good scare and are not dead set on current game polish, I recommend. Go up the stairs to the second floor. From the interrogation room hallway A head toward the lockers. If the bar goes into the red you will be forced to restart the puzzle.

  5. This walkthrough attempts to complete the game the in fastest way possible by minimizing backtracking and by picking up as many items in a location as permissible. The combined SAW returns to inventory. There are a few that are different, and go slooooooow, or you may be in for a good scare! The three numbers beside each position indicate which bars will retract. Most of the paths from the sink need little rearranging.

  6. Click it twice to reveal the safe hidden behind it. Artwork to die for!! Click the string to turn it on. If a bar is already retracted, clicking that number will extend it again.

  7. Unlike the MANY games which the "Ghost" tells you his whole life story and make demands on the gamer to find yet another item, the ghosts do not bother to explain anything. Descend to the reception area and exit the hospital. Exit to the alley. Very refreshing in my opinion. Retrace your steps to the information area Click down three times.

  8. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by callmepops from different This is a very good sad little story. Note the cord for the call bell is broken C. Move the disks until no strings are crossing and all disks are green B. Do not be deceived…this is a very engaging game.

  9. You are instructed to follow the voices. Hint and skip bars fill faster. Pick up the second blade B. If the bar goes into the red you will be forced to restart the puzzle. Go up to the attic and then turn left to find the hidden object scene in the back of the attic B.

  10. Zoom in on the area under the dancing cage A. In fact, even though I took my time the first time through, when I played it a second time, I noticed scary moments I missed the first time. Watch a cut scene. The story was very good and drew me in it's about a single mother struggling to raise her sick daughter and she will stop at nothing to see that her child is taken care of the game truly shows a mother's love knows no boundaries.

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