Redemption Cemetery: Salvation of the Lost

Escape from a mystical cemetery in Redemption Cemetery: Salvation of the Lost! A late-night subway takes a bizarre turn when you suddenly find yourself in a strange cemetery. An otherworldly entity has summoned you to free the cemetery’s lost souls. And to make sure you finish the job, she’s holding your dog hostage! To earn your freedom, you must help three spirits resolve some unfinished business from the past. Will you succeed, or is this the end of the line? Find out in this thrilling Hidden Object game!

Move the bars in this order: J, K, and L. Take the GUN when the panel opens. The directions you type will show on the right G. Look at the crates and use the AXE to open three R. Create a path for the penguin O to walk to the end P , using all the pieces Q. Note the mini-game on the trapdoor L. Place the game part in the circle to trigger the mini-game L. When the case opens, take the bone and place it on the skeleton I. Each symbol is made of the same pieces, just layered in a different order. Locate all the items by their silhouette. Read the gorilla notes Q. Walk down, enter the elevator, look at the elevator control, and press the bottom button. Redemption Cemetery is one of my all-time favourite series. Use the corkscrew on the cork D.

Use your mouse to aim at a ball with the same symbol K. Select the doorway for a HOP D. Talk to the ghost A. Walk down twice, press the 2nd button from the bottom on the elevator control, walk forward, and down. Press the center of the triangles to rotate the outer gems to get 3 like gems at the 3 points of a triangle W. Take the GUN when the panel opens. Press the down button twice, press right twice, then press the down button. Locate the 16 jars. Look at the window and take the medal. Place the weight on the scale to find the chameleon J. The snake themes are fire, water, air, earth, and electricity. Look at the dog and take the note J.

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Locate all the items on the list using their silhouettes C. Press the arrow buttons C-F to move the fish to the walrus then press the Reedemption button B. Move the ant left Atlantic Quest: Solitaire, down, and right 4. The setting was Rdemption cemetery with fun games that weren't incredibly hard. Move the mirror on the floor to the left to aim the beam M. Use the JAW on the hollow in the tree L. The tokens will turn over and move; make sure you keep track of the one with the matching face. Walk down, and then walk left. A checkmark indicates you have completed a location I. Note the face Redemptioh appears on the right under the token slot T. Select 2 pieces to swap positions; press the blue button to swap the tiles from each side T. Has a map and hint button Dolphin Dice Slots good. Great story and Bonus play is unexpected!

Use the winding key on the cat box and turn it K. Walk down 3 times. Storyline, HBO's puzzles were all great. Place the gem on the angel K. Select an arrow to move the ant and use the ant to push the blocks onto the 4 green dots H. Move the clothing form the 2nd locker to another to find the shears V. This is a game beginners to esperts can enjoy. Locate the 16 jars. To make the yellow layer, press U, T, S, and V. Walk down 6 times. Press the up arrow S 3 times to move the 7 to the top and press enter T. Walk down, and then go forward twice. Pull down the chain to find the horn N. Walk to the right. This game was so good the trophies had to be truly earned!

The fish like Salavtion move one space forward or backwards and one space up or down C. Walk to the right O. Read the gorilla notes Q. Place the wing on the helmet N. Swap Super Granny 5 outer discs to match the creature in the center J. Locate all the items on the list by their silhouette. Walk right, into the secret passage. Select the crypt for a HOP L. Look inside the crypt for a HOP. Use the rake L. Place the game Flowers Mahjong in the circle to trigger the mini-game L. Walk forward and go right to the kitchen. The center Battle Slots on each side does not move. I will play this game many times and I enjoy it most when I can see my time improve.

Your pet dog has been taken as a hostage. Select the doorway for a HOP D. Walk forward. Take the collar and use it on the middle dog head E. Use the corkscrew on the cork D. Note the 3 pieces of the glowing symbol M. Walk to the left S. Talk to the thief T. I have all the redemption cemetery games and they are all good, this one I think could be the best. Read the gorilla notes Q. Walk to the right Q. Not in this case. You can lock the panel in place with this lock D. Enter the door on the right.

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  1. Enter the portal O. Look at the window and take the medal. Select the barn for a HOP I.

  2. Place the weight on the scale to find the chameleon J. Shoot the fireballs to make strings of three or more alike N. The plot of Redemption Cemetery Salvation of The Lost game is very impressive and one of its kind in the creepy games category. The worker tied in the power plant looks like the young founder of Facebook? Select an item and press the squares to the next in the set.

  3. Use the fly on the web Z. Walk down and forward. Walk down to the elevator, and go up the trap door.

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