Echo: Secret of the Lost Cavern

Walk the path of Arok, a prehistoric tribesman in search of his destiny in Echo: Secret of the Lost Cavern. His journey will take him into the heart of an enchanted mountain and through a cavernous maze. Armed with his wits, and the help of a mysterious spirit guide, Arok seeks out magic cave paintings to help him solve cunning puzzles and face deadly traps. Modeled after the real-world cave network of Lascaux in France, this Adventure game is sure to challenge and inspire.

Click the strap on needle and use the needle with strap on the folded skin. Light the oil lamps - Arok stated in objectives to light all the oil lamps to pay homage. Place salmon on top of heated rock. Talk to Klem again. Take note of skins hanging on the cliff wall. Place the transformed pigment on the mortar. At the end of the maze, is a cavern with a handprints wall at far wall. Go back to the white grotto. Turn around and pick up the twig. Then hit the stones that affect the L-R signs order. Move the squares to form the drawing on the stretched skin. When done, a path of stepping stone is made. Go back to Tika and give her the reed. Click on the stones to activate the puzzle.

A hand icon is also seen to show the objectives during gameplay. Clicking on each square changes the color. Echo is a short journey that never gives you the sense that you're on any kind of a grand adventure. Start with the big leftmost rock and drop it on the gap. Turn the bottom black bar to front and slide to right. Go back up to the flat rock with tool. Use yellow pigment on reed for the body and black for the neck of bottom right stag. Solution - Click on a spear and click the spear on the hunter with the slingshot. Click the blowpipe with black pigment on chest, left leg, above left leg, stomach and jaw. If correctly done, what happened on the fresco happened with the real bear on the ledge. Take the black pigment from rock and branches. The puzzle resets after 7 chances are used up. On the other hand, the voice acting feels like it belongs in another game altogether. Click a stone and then click it on the man.


Echo: Secret of the Lost Cavern

Look outside and see the lioness waiting for you. Click on the arrows above the stags to change the position of the stags. Just keep on targeting and shooting and eventually they will all leave. Dinnertime is over. Talk to Toar again about the worked stones you have found. Make fire at fire pit - Place tinder, branches and then the marcasite on the fire pit. Animate second bull - Only 2 musical stones affect the legs of the second bull. There's a somewhat static look to the game, and the interactive pieces don't always mesh well with their backgrounds. On the stone arch above the sticks are the slider direction icons and the rotating icons. Click the knife on the line left of the dots twice to make a square. Take the strap, black pigment and block of ochre pigment from the rock shelf. The storytelling in Echo is admittedly pretty clumsy. But the fresco is lacking a little life, a little color.

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  1. Musical stones left to right: 1 moves left front, 2 moves right front, 3 moves left rear and 5 moves the right rear. Turn middle second from the left black bar knob to front and slide to the right twice. Click the stones to activate the puzzle.

  2. The X icon accesses the gameplay menu. Turn towards the left side of the mouth of the cave and go forward. The object of the puzzle is to make the bull move. Hands light up when a possible route up is made and all light up when done correctly. Place firewood, dry grass and piece of softwood on the fire ring.

  3. Use hammer on each stone and see which mark is affected. Place the rocks in the fire. Place the shaft on flat rock, harpoon point and strap to make a harpoon.

  4. Click on the stones to activate the puzzle. Make fire at fire pit - Place tinder, branches and then the marcasite on the fire pit. Look around and see a bear fresco on the left wall.

  5. You have to clean the wall and then paint. Click left tool-scraper on middle of antler. Note a flat rock with a tool.

  6. You have to clean the wall and then paint. Turn middle second from the left black bar knob to front and slide to the right twice. Drink the concoction made by Tika. Use axe on tree by the broken bridge 3xs. Note a sleeping bear, with rocks overhead.

  7. Glad he approved. Use the pinecones and slingshot on the wolves. The running of the salmon is delayed a bit. Then position him to be ready to get on the stag. The options menu has hardware rendering, speed of camera rotation, subtitles and volume control.

  8. Go to the flat rock at right of hall. The handprints have starburst at bottom and on right side. Each opening has a colored square - black, clear, brown and red. It is time to get across the water.

  9. But, even if you aren't a hardcore adventurer, chances are it'll take you well under 10 hours to learn the secrets of the lost cavern. The gameplay menu has the save, load, options, return to game and quit game selection. Go forward and up to the cliff dwelling.

  10. He gives the 5th worked stone. Place right stone to left. Go back to fire pit by turning around and facing the cliff. Go back towards fire and take the small strap from ground.

  11. Place the block of ochre on the fire. Note that it takes 8 clicks for the torch to burn down. Talk to Lahrik again for help.

  12. Use the tools on the 3 test stones at bottom row. Clicking on the animal and the hunters animate them. There are 4 active areas that the stone can be thrown at - the stalactite, the rocks above, the indentation behind-above the bear and the bear itself. Note a fire pit on the right. Turn towards the left side of the mouth of the cave and go forward.

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