Dracula: Love Kills

The Queen of Vampires is back and is determined to destroy the world! No one, human or vampire, will stand in her way. Count Dracula is still weak from his last battle with Van Helsing, so an uneasy alliance is formed between the two mortal enemies. Will they overcome their hatred and stop the Queen? Find out in Dracula: Love Kills, a terrifying Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Van Helsing's Office Screenshot. The Animal Form Ability gives you the power to shift into different shapes so you can access different places 4. Play The Hidden Object Scene in the lower left. You will need to arrange the rings so there are no two rings with the same pattern in any row or column at the same time. Once the hidden object scene is complete, you will receive the Skull. Image 19? Dracula must repair his coffin so he can travel. Once finished with the hidden object scene you will be rewarded with a trowel in your inventory and will be taken back to the first room of the crypt. Collect the piece of letter on the floor and place in inventory. Click the tombstones on the right side of the path to begin the hidden object scene. Take the Small Mina's Portrait on the vanity mirror on the nightstand. The items listed in image above may differ from those in your list but many will be in common.

Drag the board pieces around until they form the correct image. These are possible solutions and the puzzles could vary from the ones shown in the image above. Mini Game — Clicking on her starts this mini game. Collect the shield piece into your inventory. Image 31? Bring the saw from inventory to cut the long boards into short boards. Locate the sixteen hidden objects in this scene. My ideal is interesting puzzles that have a medium amount of challenge. And if this is the case, then the game doesn't really have a proper ending. The green lights mean that row or column is correctly positioned; red means there is something out of place. If you drink the blood you will not get an extra Hidden Object Scene or mini-game. I never played the standard version, but I assume it would end before the bonus game? Untangle the webs by pulling the spiders apart. You will receive an immediate notice each time one is earned. On Village Image above mini game solution D.

None of this is gory in fact I find the slurping sound he makes quite cute. I clicked on the bottle, as being the most jar-like object available, but no, for "jar" they wanted the pitcher. If you drink the blood you will not get an extra Hidden Object Scene or mini-game. The CE comes with a strategy guide and after completing the game you can go back and play all HO scenes and puzzles again. To solve this puzzle, align the rings so that there is only one of each kind of ring in every row and column. Collect small portrait of Mina place in inventory. Click Harker's portrait on the back wall to draw out another one of the Queen's Accomplices. I finally gave up and used a hint Place the colored tokens into the slots that match the color and symbol of that token. Examine the headboard. Click on the piece of shield to take it into inventory. While dracula is moving, the screen will turn black. These are a bit on the dark side, but still very colourful and I have not come across anything that was impossible to spot due to it being blended too much into the background or it being too small.

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Take note of where the first key is located as you will likely need several tries to get the answer. Shed — Click here for a close up view of a box that needs a key. Repeat the sequence in which the gems light up. Bring the saw from inventory to cut the long boards into short boards. Shop-n-Spree are still not finished with the cemetery location. Dracula: Love Kills on the lantern to collect wisp. You can skip puzzles by clicking on the skip button once it fills. There were a lot of areas to explore, and many of them were Dolphin Dice Slots or Sparkle Unleashed or both. You get to choose whether Drac will bite or not and it changes the game somewhat. Once you have completed this puzzle you will be asked if you want to feed or not. Look at the screenshot for the correct path. Drag the gears into the right spots as shown in the screenshot G. The game warns you there will be consequences for your choice. Click on this at any time to access the game map. This puzzle can be skipped if you choose.

Image 43? As I mentioned before I find it really difficult to see the two games connected for anything else but the characters. Click the pile of stuck leaves at the center of the ceiling of the tomb. Location — Front of Castle Image 14? Click on the axe to take it into inventory. Note that blood will pour out once you remove the stone and the teeth cursor will appear again. Take the candles from inventory and click on the alter three times to place them. Maybe that's just me. Now the village location is completed. Click on the travel chest and this will trigger a mini game. You cannot pass over the same marked line twice but you can click on the same circles. If it does not work then go to key three, then four, and down the line until you run out of turns or find one that works. I started playing Dracula: Love Kills PV yesterday as a second visit to the game and it still took me about 9. Note — The items in your list may differ than the ones shown here but several are likely to be in common so I have listed them here with color coding to help you find them.

Image 19? Once you solve the puzzle the chest will open. Place a rope on the first cross. Take the Key to the Shed from the opened desk drawer. Worth the money and a fun way to spend some time. You are still not finished with the cemetery location. This puzzle can be skipped if you choose. Once boards are cut they will be Dracula: Love Kills the Mortimer Beckett and the Crimson Thief and on the floor click on them to add them to your inventory. Take the Small Mina's Portrait on the vanity mirror on the nightstand. Open the door to the workshop.


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  1. Note — The game will actually prompt you and ask if you would like to go back to the crypt to finish it out. You will be given a choice to drink the blood or not. You will need a receptacle to carry the wisp in. You will gain special powers to assist you along the way.

  2. Tokens cannot jump over each other. Take stuck piece of grass at top of ceiling. Drag one strip of picture over another piece to swap their positions. Grab the piece of toolbox on the table. Click on the cabinet to open it.

  3. There is a lot of spoken dialogue. The ROPE will be added to inventory. The ORB will go back to inventory. Image 25? Take the Vial of Blood on the right desk, next to the eagle statue, to add it to the blood meter.

  4. Image 19? Click and drag the icon again to continue. To solve the puzzle for the hard mode follow the direction of the arrows in this order: yellow, green, and red H. If you make 3 wrong choices the puzzle will reset.

  5. Locate the twelve hidden items in the scene. Clearly lots of people loved this game, but I wasn't one of them; I thought it was just okay. Mini Game Instructions — Click on the center pieces to rotate the colored tiles so that they appear as the image above. Place second rope on second cross to remove it as well. If you click on the squirrel it will say it has something between its dirty paws.

  6. Examine the base of the statue. If you drink the blood you will not get an extra Hidden Object Scenes or puzzles to play. Return to the London Cemetery. Click on the red arrow at the top of the screen to head to the castle. Click on this area to trigger your next hidden object scene.

  7. Use the Acorns from your inventory on the pile of leftover acorns on the cobblestone pathway to the left of the unlit lamppost. Go to the Crypt. Take piece of letter and place in inventory.

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