Off the Record: The Final Interview Collectors Edition

Eipix Entertainment proudly presents the final installment of the exciting Off the Record series! When a renowned English horse breeder is stricken with a sudden and life-threatening heart attack, all fingers are pointed at you as the attempted murderer. You were the last to speak to him before he fell ill, and his death could be a huge boost for your journalism career. The trouble is… you can’t remember meeting the man or even coming to that town – a car accident has wiped part of your memory! Retrace your steps, from the time you set off to write the story of a lifetime to the fateful day you lost your memory. It’s a race against time to clear your name in this pulse-pounding Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!


Off the Record 5: The Final Interview CE [02] w/YourGibs - Part 2 #YourGibsLive

This began my partnership with Sam. But please note that since so many outtakes have been released by Ernst on FTD some of the above may have already come out. Perhaps Ernst has got hold of these by now or released some of them. But at that time I was pretty nervous to say the least. EIN: So how did that lead to you becoming one of the most famous Elvis bootleggers ever? Go up to the Windmill Tower. How did you hear of Elvis' death - and what on earth did you think would happen with your passion for collecting since, at the time, it must have seemed like the end of the era? But get this - a friend of mine on Facebook Matt Perreira thanks to his friend Erick Silva sent me this photo of Elton John in his record room and take a look at the red arrow and where it points to! Press the red switch. I had no idea it would be that much in demand but it sure was. So Sam and I bought them and put out a catalog and mailed a half a million of them around 3 weeks before Elvis died and they all arrived in people's home the DAY of his death! Move the newspapers O.

When and how did you manage that? Solution: W. And so it happened that one fateful Sunday as she had just cooked me a wonderful steak dinner the phone rang and it was a call from a well known record dealer Wayne Rogers from North Carolina. Two completely useless cowardly nobodies from New Jersey at that time were the first crooks I had become aware of in my new Elvis world. No, this was not alcohol or drugs or any "normal" addiction. Solution: K. He started his "WorldWide Elvis" shop back in the seventies, way before the internet, where fans could get hold of rare Elvis records and memorabilia. Take the ACID. What was I going to do? He was like a little puppy dog who followed me everywhere. But before I got off the phone I heard his wife in the background crying hysterically. Not only did I take her to the worst neighborhoods of Baltimore, Md every Sunday as I responded to ads offering Elvis records in the local newspaper but I soon put ads myself in the same paper looking for any and every Elvis record that was out there, most times putting HER phone number in the ad as I used to spend Sundays at her home.

Homme serieux Off the Record: The Final Interview Collectors Edition

Press the red switch. Anyway, a call was made by my uncle and everything was forgotten! But this Sparkle Unleashed the last bootleg we did. EIN: Business was obviously very good at the time? Move the ladder Z. To tell you the truth Piers there's a lot more but I just don't have time to go over it all at this Halloween Night Mahjong but maybe another time I will. That was bad enough but then I had to tell Jean Marc and his friends the news. Enter the Front Yard. I never even imagined this existed let alone that anyone would find it and that I was hearing it. This was incredible as it was a lot slower than the version we have all heard with the Jordanaires literally singing the words "Doo Wop" throughout the entire song! I had just started dating a girl in mid Enter the pub. Indeed it was too good to be true since it would all soon unravel, with the FBI knocking at the door and the long arm of the law investigating the Elvis bootleg market as well as prosecuting the suppliers

Anyway, I did meet Joan Deary in the lobby of the court house and we spoke for maybe 15 minutes and she not only told me that she liked ALL of the boots I did but she said she wished that I could work for them at RCA - well, I did of course 9 years later but by then she had gone! Lift the mask I. Forget about the songs! Perhaps Ernst has got hold of these by now or released some of them. Not a bad deal at all especially for someone like myself who had spent nine years in college to avoid the reality of getting a real job! Move forward. Dowling also contributed four delightful stories to the Bootleg Elvis book and while he left the bootleg scene decades ago but still runs "WorldWide Elvis" selling official FTD releases as well as rare Elvis vinyl and books. I know some people will find this hard to believe but I never made this or any of the other bootlegs I did for the money and in fact Sam aka Vic Colonna and I had many somewhat friendly heated arguments about this later on. Go out to the Garden. Records and, except for the few people who owned this, hardly anyone had ever heard it. Enter the Windmill Ground Floor F. I know Anita Bryant of the Florida orange juice fame and also a singer ordered a lot.

Go up to the Windmill Tower. I forget where I found the cover photo but it Unlikely Suspects to fit. Move down. I had discovered literally a goldmine and my life was never to be the same again! What did Ed mean by that? Solution: R. Read the Collfctors Q. Return to the Old Town. He wouldn't play it on the phone so I figured he was all talk but a week or so later he drove down to my home in Baltimore and had a cassette of the entire show and played it for me and Ofv heard ONLY YOU with my own ears. How many we sold is unknown?

It's just too bad that I never could have bought it. And yes I did graduate finally! Open the panel P. Go down into the Cellar. EIN: Presumably someone had informed on you, perhaps other jealous dealers? But by then or we were being heavily investigated by the FBI so our bootlegging days were over. Up until that day I thought that TV shows Elvis did in the 50's were lost forever especially the Dorsey shows. Of course I showed my mother the letter and the Duchess went to work immediately. Move down twice. Thank God for bootlegs! It was all I cared about in those days and everything I did centered around this hobby or, more accurately, this fanatical Elvis vinyl habit I had. The initial first pressings were also done at the same record plant. WWE: Oh my God, what a question!

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  1. WWE: Well, turning a hobby into a business wasn't accomplished overnight. That was the beginning of my lifelong fascination with Elvis Presley. I can only remember a few right now.

  2. I was stunned to say the least. He is one fun great guy and we are still friends and he still sends me interesting things from time to time. Press each button, read the article. But at that time I was pretty nervous to say the least. But an amazing thing happened!

  3. Paul Dowling is without doubt one of the major names in the Elvis World. First, a little background please for fans who may not know. I forget where I found the cover photo but it seemed to fit. So Sam and I bought them and put out a catalog and mailed a half a million of them around 3 weeks before Elvis died and they all arrived in people's home the DAY of his death! Open the drawer; enter

  4. I was stunned to say the least. I just recall Jean Marc almost collapsing in a chair and it seemed like he remained there for hours. You must have smiled to yourself. That would have taken serious time and money.

  5. Lift the switch H. I finally did. This was just incredible as I heard a good portion of it. Move through the memory N. Solution: K.

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