Shades of Death: Royal Blood

After your father dies, your sister Violet requests your help at the Family Castle. After arriving, things seem to be in disarray. Explore the castle and help Violet get to the bottom of a dark mystery in Shades of Death: Royal Blood. Use your Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure skills to explore the grounds and solve tricky puzzles. Discover what had frightened your father and find the truth behind his death.

Read the letter to your sister D. Once the Glass refills, the Hint option is available once more. Click on the handle to open the trunk K. Place the 5 symbols on the design for a mini-game to activate C. Totally agree with nicedoggie and wondered if this is the same game based on reviews. Walk forward twice to return to the inner gate. Look at the close-up of the chair A. Place the three Dials, highlighted in Red, in the three empty slots. Read the note on the floor W. You have unlimited Hints. Push the pins in numerical order Look at the close-up of the top drawer for a mini-game F. Should the pin come out, start the sequence over. Developers artfully presented those gruesome scenes and so I did not turn off the game, but rather, was intrigued to continue. Adding a little more to do would have rounded this area out nicely.

Gather the Shield highlighted in Red. Look at the close-up of the safe J. Note the locked gate to the bedroom J. Examine the Mirror and Note highlighted in Green. Examine the Spider Web. Look at the close-up of the cart O. Examine the Area highlighted in Green. Examine the Gate Mechanism. Look at the close-up of the luggage cart R. You have unlimited Hints. The object of this mini-game is to restore the picture as shown in the screenshot Z. Look at the close-up of the manhole cover E.

Look at the nightstand for a Hidden Object Scene W. The hidden object scenes are general word lists, with no interactive elements whatsoever, and the minigames are the standard fare and are fairly easy to complete. Click the Journal to turn the Page. Read the instructions B. Use the Key, highlighted in Red, on the Lock, highlighted in Green. Enter the Photolab door. Once the Knight and Dragon are in the correct positions, the Gate will open. Select the sarcophagus for a Hidden Object Scene to appear I. Look at the close-up of the Iron Maiden C. Read the warning B. Examine the Newspaper highlighted in Green. Walk forward to the dock area. Look at the package on the floor to learn you need a knife T. Return to the Bedroom.

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Next use the Cloth, highlighted in Red, and clean the Stone above the Rooms of Memory, highlighted in Green. But Nothing Too Flash The puzzles were good. Exit the close-up, and Jack of All Tribes walk upstairs. Select the chair on the left for a Hidden Object Scene to activate Q. Enter the door behind the hotel front desk Q. Walk down to the fountain area, and then walk to the left. Left-click, hold and drag the red arrow of the safe dial counter-clockwise to 9 and release. Finally gather the third Dial and the Bottle of Gas highlighted in Red. Look at the chest Bood the back Z. Moves are shown here Take the gas CAN A. Advanced mode has a slower recharge time and active zones are not highlighted. The ending was sudden. Look at the close-up of the luggage cart R.

HO scenes straight forward and not interactive, thank goodness! Once the spider leaves, click on the web to remove it from the hole J. I knew that I would be buying this game and sure enough I did. Inventory — Contains your current items collected. Walk up the stairs, continue down, and then walk up to return to the bedroom. Enter the Castle. Next place the Weight on the Hook. Walk down to exit the room. Note the door behind the desk to learn the power is off Q. Examine the Hidden Objects Area. Place the Hook on the Chain. Examine the Base of the Phonograph.

Click on the piece you want to move until it is positioned correctly. Solution: Press the numbered Keys in numerical order to solve this Mini-Game. The HOS are sprinkled throughout the game with some fairly easy puzzles to deal with. Select the scaffolding for a Hidden Object Scene J. Look at the close-up of the fireplace X. To solve this Mini-Game you must rearrange the HSades and Dragon to match Jewel Match: Snowscapes formation shown on the Plaque. Walk down to exit the office. Click on each Square to rotate it. Click on the rings to rotate them into position. Locate all the items on the list.


Shades of Death - Royal Blood

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  1. Enter the boat. It's a short game overall but the developer is a well known one, so the artwork is beautiful as always and the story is interesting. I found the storyline interesting and the lack of blood everywhere refreshing. Look through the telescope to see the item on the deck L.

  2. Turn on the searchlight E. Look inside the open gramophone T. I thought the ghosts that meander throughout the game added a mysterious element to the already mysterious atmosphere because they "talk" to you since live people are nowhere to be found. Walk down twice to exit the hotel.

  3. Replace each of the Pieces back on the Mannequin. Walk up the stairs, and then enter the first room on the right. Walk forward twice to return to the dock area.

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