Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice

Two young ladies have gone missing and its up to you to find them in Grim Faade: Mystery of Venice, a terrifying Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! The two young women had just left a masquerade ball in a gondola when they went missing. The driver of the gondola was a man wearing a mask of Medico Della Peste. Track him down and discover the terrifying secret!

Return to the mansion and go through the back door. Click on the coin to activate a puzzle. Examine the left door; place the BELL on the chain. Click on the tumblers in the correct order until the symbols on the code appear in the same order. The red pieces belong on the right, the green pieces belong on the left, and the half and half pieces belong in the center. Place two letters over 2 other letters on the board to replace them. Drag the lions in the small squares over to their matching spots on the board by sliding the large pieces out of the way. Ramassez la SCIE 2. Play the statue Hidden Object Scene. The planets can only move in between the grooves. Click on two file boxes to swap their positions. Placez le CODE sur le mini-jeu pour le lancer. Items written in orange in Hidden Object Scenes are hidden; you must open or click on something to make the hidden items appear. Rendez-vous sur le quai.

Please look at the screenshot for the solution. Faites glisser les barres pour ouvrir les quatre verrous. Play the statue Hidden Object Scene. Play the Hidden Object Scene. Return to the area outside the police station. Exit the pop-up window. Jackpot Magic Slots Games. Entrez dans les coulisses. Placez les cadenas au bon endroit. The Diary D is in the lower left; read it to find clues and read part of the story. You have unlimited Hints in the Hidden Object Scenes and in Quest Scenes, but you must wait for them to recharge between uses. Click on the large mirror 11 ; a message appears stating that the code is now visible through the telescope. Cliquez sur la jeune fille pour lancer un mini-jeu.

Go backstage 1. Remove the grating covering the well F. Dans cette boutique, vous pouvez acheter divers objets utiles pour le jeu. Ouvrez la vitrine sur la droite et zoomez. Exit the book and click on the ladder to move it. Click on the grill below the boar. Play the Hidden Object Scene. Take a closer look at the porthole on the far left; place the LOCK on the chains 1. Zoomez sur les marches T. Return to the police station. Click on the wheel Q and you will see the female prisoner, Karla. Examine the stove on the left; you need to find a mitten. Go through the 2 back doors. At the request of a distraught husband and father, you set out to catch the mysterious damsel-snatching criminal — a masked man who was seen with the two women right before their disappearance. Examine the back door; place the KEY in the lock and turn the key once M.

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Place two letters over 2 other letters Battle Slots the board to replace them. Creative takes on familiar puzzles, incredibly beautiful graphics. Open the cargo hold and go down. Click on the gears until they are in the correct slots. GGrim to the gondola 5. Exit the book and click on the ladder to move it. Try to position the letters that belong 3D Magic Mahjongg next to each other so they can easily be moved to the correct spot. Return to the police station. Examinez la petite table pour lancer un mini-jeu L. Examine the cage to activate a puzzle. Exit the store; examine the fishing line above the gate. Click on the wheel Q and you will see the female prisoner, Karla. Sortez de la gondole. Take one feather at a time from the box and place it on the mask. Vous pouvez lire les autres pages.

To solve the puzzle click on the colored bars in this order: Purple, Green, and Yellow. Click down once to go back outside. Retirez la grille recouvrant le puits F. Head towards the gondola. Make sure you do not have any repeated symbols in the same row or column. Go down the ladder. Click on any 2 of the left slats to swap their positions. Click on any two locks to swap their positions. Please look at the screenshot for the solution D. Examine the window on the left; open it to let the light in K. We hope to be transported from our humdrum lives to another time and place where we have the opportunity to experience the exotic and to become someone smarter and more heroic than we normally are. The WICK will be added to inventory. Note the symbols on the left and the Roman numerals above; use those items as clues as to where the locks need to be placed. Click down twice and head right.

Cliquez sur les engrenages dans cet ordre : A, B, C x 2. Go up the stairway. Click down twice; play the Hidden Object Scene on the left. You must Battle Slots each colored skull to their matching spot on right without hitting one of the blades. Retournez dans la oc. Go through the 2 back doors.


Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice

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  1. Dirigez-vous vers la gondole 5. Play the bed Hidden Object Scene. Cut the cable above the lever with the KNIFE you bought at the store; once the cable is cut the chandelier will fall hitting the lever and opening the gate 3.

  2. Follow the steps on the screenshot to get all 3 skulls across. Open the drawer and take the HORN 9. Click on the 3 sun buttons to unlock the cabinet V. Board the ship.

  3. Turn the valve once; this action opens the gate in the canal. Entrez dans les coulisses 1. Go into the right door to access the kitchen. Sortez de la boutique.

  4. Use the static pieces as clues to solve the puzzle. Then click on the handle H once to solve the puzzle. Go up the stairway. Go backstage 1. Retournez devant le poste de police.

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