Shiver: Moonlit Grove Collectors Edition

You owe everything to Rene Malot, the man who found you as a child and raised you as his own. So when he goes missing, you're elected by the district to take his place, following in his footsteps as a doctor. On the way to your new job, a wolf attacks your carriage, forcing you to flee for shelter in a nearby village. Something here is very wrong, but the villagers aren’t talking. As you discover their secrets, you might discover something about the foster father whom you've loved so dearly. You'll need all of your wits to survive the long night in Shiver: Moonlit Grove, a chilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:

The guide helped me out of a pickle. Walk forward into the mine I. Walk down, then up the hill on the left Q. I did use the strategy guide a couple of times, and because of this and the fact the bonus chapter was okay, I would definitely recommend the CE version. Open the curtain and use the shovel to dig up the golden idol O. Pull the end of the rein J. Place the giraffe head on the body to make the giraffe N. But I didn't have bad feelings at the end. Too many holes in it. Note the trap A. Use the lobster to cut the ties on the book G. You have to gather your wits and fight! Move forward to the water, and then look at the floating debris O. Use the ring on the wolf head and pull it down E.

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Look at the trapdoor and take the BAR C. But that was quickly forgotten as the story went on. Walk down 5 times. Look at the girl. Once you find and repair the lamp, it can be used to light dark areas E. Drag the photo to MMoonlit the dirty area T. Look at the BOX in your inventory for a mini-game C. Note the trap A. You are able to scare it away but your horse has run away and the carriage is badly damaged. Talk to the man by choosing any Monlit. Place the note in the envelope H. Move the right slider Bricks of Egypt 2 the bottom. Hints are unlimited, but you must wait for the meter to refill A. Walk down, then forward.

Walk forward 3 times. Mini-games and HOPs are sometimes randomized; your solution may vary. Chapter 5: Return to the Village Walk down from the mill. Excellent graphics, voice-overs, and cut-scenes. Climb down the rope N. Use the rag on the plate to find the elephant D. Take the key and use it on the chest M. Save one, where you encounter a scary man, who wants you to heal his daughter in exchange for a place to stay the night. But on the bad side, they did sparkle even on the hardest game play. I got all the way to the end of the game and realized I had not picked up a very important item. Moving one hexagon may cause one or more to move. Look in the drum to find the mortar G. No cuteness please! Place the rider on the horse Y. Get on the raft.

Moonlit Grove s so sparse that Youda Survivor 2 times it felt like I was in an Geove survival demo. This was really awesome, I loved every minute of it! Walk forward 3 times. Enter the cell V. Move the 4 logs to the raft J. Open the curtain and place the cymbal on the monkey W. Place the note in the envelope H.

Use the ring on the wolf head and pull it down E. Move the center slider to the middle. Walk down and look up. There are many excellent aspects to Moonlit Grove --the best of the Shiver series, in my opinion. Open the curtain and use the shovel to dig up the golden idol O. Puzzles were mostly easy and standard. This was primarily an adventure game, with only a few hidden object games - these having some interaction which was good. Walk down and look at the hole in the door Q. Plus, it's an opportunity to keep playing one of the best series to hit the market. My only quibble is that I am glad I bought the CE, because there were a few items needed in the game that I might still be looking for if it were not for the player's guide. Enter the boat to cross the water and walk forward. Walk forward and left. This is a great game. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by betyboohoo from excellent game best game I have played, good all rounder Look at the chest and place the scraps in front; arrange the scraps to form the code Q.

Drag the whetstone back and forth to release the anchor. You will earn the KEY. Things however go awry when a wolf attacks your carriage. Walk forward. Good storyline, great graphics, challenging puzzles and HO scenes. Chapter 3: Captured Look at the ground and brush away the hay 3 times A. Select the moons in numerical order Best of all, the bonus chapter is unique--it's as challenging as the game itself and set in completely different locations. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by daveydomino from Great third installment! The guide helped me out of a pickle. Storyline was not edge of your seat interesting, and at times seemed a bit choppy. Use the knife on the fish to find the hook J. I was happily putting the things here and there to get the hidden objects.


Shiver: Moonlit Grove

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  1. Walk to the left B. Read the letter I. Walk down twice to exit the hut, walk forward twice, and walk to the left. Enter the gypsy wagon N. Walk down 6 times.

  2. And was more of the same calibre as the main game. Walk to the left. Pull the end of the rein J. Move the center slider to the middle. Wait for the water to recede, and then walk forward on the path G.

  3. Use the sword on the pumpkin L. This was really awesome, I loved every minute of it! I lifted the gate for the river, scooped water out of the boat, swam, dug tunnels and so on.

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