Redemption Cemetery: Childrens Plight

A warlock's curse has trapped you in an otherworldly cemetery! Explore gorgeous Hidden Object scenes and save the children that the warlock has taken. Learn the history of the evil warlock and find a way to stop him before it is too late! Help other spirits find peace as they help you find useful items and overcome challenging obstacles in Redemption Cemetery: Children’s Plight!


Redemption cemetery Chldren's plight soundtrack part 4.

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Play the Redmption object scene in front A. Drag the three pieces of candy to the box yellow. Open the tube A. Zoom in The Curio Society: Eclipse Over Mesina Collectors Edition the eyes B. Look closer at the spotlight B. Return to the electrical shack. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Titania from Brilliant game I enjoyed this game very much, Graphics, storyline and music are all excellent, plenty Ski Resort Mogul Puzzles, and although they were not terribly difficult, they were enjoyable. Pick up the KEY. Click each head until they match the well cover middle head center, upper heads facing inward and lower heads facing outward. I played in expert mode. The goal is to place the pieces so all fit with no spaces or shape overlap. Return to the toy store. Click the first head B.

Take the road to the right toward the Ferris wheel. Inspect the figure to the left of the doors C. Click the open door to start a puzzle. Watch the opening cutscene to find out the goal for this bonus play. Enter the doors on the right C. Look at the fuse boxes on the wall A. It falls off. Take the Feather. Speak with the child and then return to the cemetery A. Examine the suitcase on the top shelf D. Zoom in on the vending machine B. Click each piece of the body until it matches the card next to the door. Click the crow A at the tunnel exit.

Speak to the priest to learn about Andrew B. They are highlighted Dolphin Dice Slots white with a blue border. A correctly aligned skull locks into place and is highlighted C. Climb the stairs on the left D. Place piece 1 in hex box A and piece 2 in box B.

Unfortunately, the majority of the puzzles are quite easy to solve. The knife automatically cuts the pumpkin. Select two skulls to swap their locations A. The goal is to construct the kite. Examine the shaft opening B. Inspect the door lock to open a puzzle. Take the CLIP. There is a notebook which keeps track of some relevant information. Zoom in on the lock to open a puzzle. Collect all of the objects. Click down to leave the truck area. Look closer at the spotlight B. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by neilskinut from Great and a must buy This is better than the others. Return to the clock tower room. None of the items are overly small but they are still hidden enough to present a challenge.

Zoom in on the sculpture on the left C. Drag the bottle of wine to the glass A to get a Glass of Wine. This will show you how to interact with objects and characters. Go through the tunnel C. Click the door D to open an interactive area. Inspect the clown B. Note the position of the heads on the cover. Look closer at the shovel head A. Look at the fuse box C. Pick up the Dead Fly. Click each to turn them and open a puzzle. With the exception of a hidden object area, most inventory items are not collected from a scene until they are needed. Zoom in on the hole in the path A.

Pick up the watering can yellow and place it over the plant to get a Flower. Inspect the demon statue B. Climb the stairs on the left D. Collect the items listed. See the inset for the solution. Return to the church entrance E. Look closer at the sarcophagus on the left C. However, based on the length of the game, you may want to wait for the Standard Edition on this one. Retain the COIN in inventory. Review the instructions for the dartboard stored in Notes B. Receive a GEM. Continue up the road to the church entrance. Zoom in on the barrel B.

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  1. Zoom in on the barrel B. Watch the spiders explode. Click the broken gear to remove it C. In addition to the bonus chapter, the Collectors Edition also includes wallpapers, screensavers, concept art and music from the game.

  2. The objects for hidden object scenes are randomly generated. Pull the handle. Use the SAW to remove the tree in front of the door.

  3. The arrows with purple inlay move the purple gems up and down. Watch the spiders explode. Pick up the watering can yellow and place it over the plant to get a Flower.

  4. Enter the church. Note the hex tile in the above screenshot outlined in pink. Play the hidden object scene on the right A.

  5. Molten material pours through to the pot in the ice room. Return to the lobby. Click the pedal C to inflate the tire. Return to the Ferris wheel. Click the battery to remove the cables.

  6. Zoom in on the stove C. Make sure the tabs on both pieces are toward the bottom part of the kite. Find the rest of the listed items.

  7. Look at the door lock D. Receive a FUSE for finding all of the objects. Exit and return to the truck.

  8. Zoom in on the sculpture on the left C. Go down to the gate area. Enjoyed the HOGS. Use the brush on the bricks B to uncover the Handprint. Zoom in to open an interactive window.

  9. Place the rungs back in the grooves. Chapter 2: The Church Zoom in on the stone to the left of the steps A. Return to the security room. Open the fan fold B.

  10. The goal is to find the two slides that when overlaid, form a number A. Note the hex tile in the above screenshot outlined in pink. Drag the axe head to the handle A to form an axe.

  11. Click the red and blue cables to attach them. Return to the roof. Take the portal to the cemetery B.

  12. One solution is shown above. Go right into the statue area. Put two nails on each rung yellow. Play the hidden object scene on the couch B. It floats to the floor.

  13. That is why only inventory items are shown. Select two skulls to swap their locations A. The goal is to slide the pieces so the four gold tiles are next to their matching symbol on the board.

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