Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty

You've tracked down the latest Dark Dimension to Red Lake Falls, where a haunting beauty queen begs you to save the town but from whom? Is it her brother, last seen busting through a shop window in a jealous rage? Or his stalker girlfriend? The real villain in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game just might shock you unless youre turned into wax first!

Odessa Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty

Put the carrot on the grater, then take the grated carrot. Use the corkscrew on the whisky bottle and Bewuty the cork. Who is responsible for these atrocities? Select the vanity for a HOS X. Look at the vanity and read the crumpled note T. Click on Dimensiins: disc piece Dimfnsions: then click on another piece to swap their positions. Take the lamp. You will have to redo the puzzle but it will work. Put the slingshot elastic on the slingshot handle to take the slingshot. Put the fabric on the kite frame and take the kite. Take the infrared glass to trigger a cutscene. Move left, then go forward to the floating wax museum. Use the awl on the chain and take Jos Dream: Organic Coffee eye key. Once the Harpy Eagle flies away, walk up the tree trunk to the floating wax museum I. Use the scissors to cut the rope to Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty the round stone.

You cannot switch settings midgame. Arrange the discs so matching symbols touch each other. Your solution will have blue in the outer ring, red in the second ring and green in the third ring Q. Click on the poster. This mini-game is randomly generated. Open the purse and read the newsletter. Walk down twice to the yard. Add the playing card. Once you have found all the items, a XI is added to your inventory. Remove the balls until only four are left. Go through the new hole in the wall. Click on the casket on the right.

Rotate the Sweet Treats: Fresh Daily below the levers Dimensinos: so the teeth in the gear by lever 1 will match when it moves to the right again. Put the amplifying horn on the gramophone base and take the gramophone. Make note of the symbols U. Click on the hole in the ground. Take the net, then use the empty bottle in the water to get the bottle with cold water. Superb graphics, Risen Dragons story, very good VO. Add the stone tile to the centre inset. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by pennmom36 from Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty SE According to the Einstein-Cartan Theory, large areas of the Earth can be absorbed into the eye of Dark Dimensions which can displace them from space and time.

Hover your mouse over a card to find one with the same denomination and designator configuration M. Use the spray on the infested flower for the sunflower B. Click on the broken window. Put the headlamp on the hardhat and take the hardhat. Return to the wax museum move down three scenes, go forward twice, go left, and then move towards the floating wax museum and go inside. I loved that the Hidden Object Scenes were only a small part of the action. Select all the cards on the outer edges to bring them to the center L. As there is no reset button, a step-by-step solution cannot be provided as you may have already moved some pieces. Once the water stops, take the KEY S. Make note of the symbols U. Once you have found all the items, a vice handle is added to your inventory. Use the knife on the apple to get the apple peel K. Once you have found all the items, a shovel is added to your inventory. Move the room divider to remove it, then move the mirror, then click on the door.

Take the IV tile J. Move forward up the street. Wonderful interactive HOS. Add the rope ladder. Could it be the master wax artist herself whose need for perfectionism went one step too far? Note the locked door with the Medusa emblem N. Once a bulb is lit, you cannot cross its wires. Add the fire hose part, then pull the lever. Add the test tube to the plant and to get the tube with poison. There is no tutorial available. Click on the spider. Click on the table at the back right. Use the arrows to move the frame; note that it may move more than once piece.

Place the pieces in their appropriate slots using the red lines as indicators. When the panel opens, read the note, then take the tile. Select a ball the select the position you want to move it to. Use the scissors on the paper pants and take the shorts. Light the wick with the lighter. Once you have found all the items, a fishing rod is added to your inventory. When they are in position, perform the first steps again to move the gears up against the lever. Gameplay and Tips This is a hidden object adventure game. Cut the pea pod with the knife and take the pea. Before assuming the game has a glitch, go through your inventory and see if you can place any of your items anywhere or look for an item to pick up, switch to flip, etc. Walk down 3 times to the cafe area. Take the medallion.

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  1. Turn the doorknob G and enter the room. Once you have found all the items, a water canteen is added to your inventory. Click on the arm. Solution: Click through the dialogue. The only drawback was that some of the mini games were very easy while some were quite challenging.

  2. Walk to the left, go up the tree and enter the Wax Museum. Place the lace on the umbrella for the umbrella with lace Q. Once a bulb is lit, you cannot cross its wires. Place the lampshade on the lamp for the stand lamp I.

  3. The tubes are connected with a pipe and each tube can fill the tube to its right. Once you have found all the items, acid is added to your inventory. Return to the greenhouse. Click on the sign. Select the wagon for a HOS.

  4. Tip: when you pick up an item let it move to your inventory before you leave or you'll risk to lose it forever error message. Trap the scorpion using the jar. Before assuming the game has a glitch, go through your inventory and see if you can place any of your items anywhere or look for an item to pick up, switch to flip, etc.

  5. Click on the flowers on the left. Add the blue crystal, red crystal and the green crystal. Solution: For the second part of the puzzle, you have to swap tiles. In Advanced mode, there are no sparkles, the Hint and Skip meters take longer to fill and there is a misclick penalty. Move down and take the elevator down, then move down and enter the post office.

  6. This will scan this page for the appearance of that word. Move the sheet aside and look at the figure G. Fill the tubes to the indicated level. Once you have found all the items, a carrot is added to your inventory.

  7. Once you have found all the items, a test tube is added to your inventory. Cut the roots with the pruners, then take the spring. Make note of the symbols U. Look at the base of the lamppost; use the KEY on the hole and open the door T.

  8. Use the scissors on the paper pants and take the shorts. Click on the tram. Click on the slab. Open the panel and take the ticket.

  9. The end! Use the kettle on the glass and take the tea. Leave the post office. Add the safe handle and the stethoscope. Use the teeth on the man to make a vampire C.

  10. Refer to the time from the note in your journal P. Add the wagon wheel, then the lever. Add the clay mask. Click on the cluttered table to start a hidden object hunt.

  11. A lot of fun to play. Once you have found all the items, a nozzle is added to your inventory. Use the screenshot above as a guide. The puzzle starts with a red tile in the centre position.

  12. Take the medallion. From the main menu, click Help to get more information on how to play the game. Walk forward, left, then up the tree to the front of the wax museum. Select the popcorn stand for a HOS Y. When a gem fits in a shape, it will light up.

  13. Put the egg in the frying pan and take the fried eggs. Superb graphics, great story, very good VO. Click on the ring to rotate it. Good choice for the weekend! A definite winner!

  14. Put the wreath on the bust and take Caesar. Closing a window — To close the zoom-in windows, click Close. Exit the newspaper office. Click on the door. Add the playing card.

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