Midnight Mysteries: The Salem Witch Trials Strategy Guide

The famed writer Nathaniel Hawthorne has died during a freak snow storm, and his ghost has come to you, asking for help. Travel back and forth in time from the scene of the author’s demise to the 17th century, where a town is going mad with rumors of witchcraft and a woman is facing the gallows. Use our helpful Strategy Guide to unravel the secrets of Salem’s accused witches and solve the death of Hawthorne in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials, a fun Hidden Object game.

Zoom into the door. Go into the room on the left. Leave and go into the room on the left. Take the clover and book. Put the landscape painting on the wall. Click on the ghost. Click on the door at the back of the room. You have to light them up in order. Use it to get the key from the grate. Leave and go downstairs and into the room on the right. Use the barrel lids on the well. Talk to it and get the Atlantic Monthly. Pick up the KEY from inside the chimney. Move the books in this order:Yellow Down White Right.

Talk to the female ghost. Click the drawers below the bookshelf. Take the bottle. Slide the blue books out of the way. Click on the ghost. Click down and go left towards the Inn. Go up the stairs. Click on the lower right to access the Courtroom. Go back to the tree and head towards the dirt road on the right. Zoom into the door; use the KEY on the door to trigger a puzzle. Go into the grave in the lower center to end the chapter. Follow the ghosts to the left side of the scene. Take the clover, cinnamon and cauldron.

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Take the rag doll, then talk to the ghost. Take the pole axe. Click on the window Arvale: Treasure of Memories left. Leave the courthouse. Click down and go left towards the Inn. Go into the room on the right. As you approach the gate you will see 2 ghosts. Go left and use the Law Book on the bookshelf. Click down and go forward. Talk to it. Go to the Attic in the ceiling. Solution: First use the barrel lid with one notch, then with two, then with three. In your inventory, combine the notes.

Talk to the ghost. Perfect — Complete Story Mode without using any hints. Go north. Go northwest. Leave the cottage. Enter the Dungeon. Talk to Sarah Good. Take note of the pattern. Take the gingerbread and potion bottle. Place the red float in the hole. Enter the Warehouse Puzzle on the ground below the drawers. Go forward twice and go right to the Customs House. Click on the rock on the wall. Read the will and take the key.

Enter the cell. Give the sugar bowl to the ghost. Fill the potion bottle. Play the Hidden Object Scene on left. Go right. Talk to the ghost.

Follow the ghosts to the left side of the scene. Use the gavel in the slots. Go to the Dungeon Entrance on left. Leave the room. Return to the courthouse. Take the raven and the notes. Click on a coin to light it and then click on the next coin to connect the beam of light to it. Pick up the KNOB in the center of the puzzle. Go towards the house on the left. Zoom into the left cell. Take the bottle. Where the wall opens, click on the house.

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  1. Click on the piano. Combine the broomstick and frying pan to make an oar. Click down to exit. This key will be used to open a coffin later on in the game. Use the waterproof boards, and then the tar bucket on the broken coffin.

  2. Trace a continuous line from one tile colour to the other i. Click on the door to speak to Sarah; she will ask you for a cauldron. Watch the cutscene.

  3. Use the dice, dominoes and chips to complete the Sudoku puzzle. In the hallway, take the piano key. Take the bottle. Follow the ghosts to the left side of the scene. To use a Hint click on the Raven in the lower right corner of the scene.

  4. Click on the window lower left. The order in which you have to place the ingredients into the cauldron is random. Use the lantern below the raven to reveal a silhouette of an item on the find list. Talk to the ghost to get the landscape painting.

  5. Click on the books to reveal a secret compartment. You will need to combine certain inventory items before you can use them. Go down the opening. Then click on the glowing thunderbird on the tree.

  6. Walk towards the ghost. Click on the corresponding potion ingredients to add them to the pot. Find the related pairs. Pick up the COAL in the lower left. Talk to Hawthorne and exhaust all conversation options.

  7. Click on the scene until all the dialogue ends. Take the raven. Go towards the scarecrow. Please look at the screenshot for the solution.

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